New Trends in the World of Web Development

“Great web design without functionality is like sports car with no engine.”Web design should always work with good functionality otherwise if a website is created, it will never look innovative and new. Website is a very important part of a business because it helps in bringing leads and grabbing customers and clients by giving proper information. Rather than that a website has several works.

Today digital market has changed trend in the world of web development. Designing trend has transformed with website development. Programming and coding is necessary, so new codes and programming languages are used to design latest web designing apps. In 2017 some of the latest trend developed in the world of web development. They are:

Open cart for E-commerce

Nowadays people are looking to speed up the work in their life, so new trends are used by them in different ways. Now people are turning their devices from gadgets, clothes, cosmetics and etc. Ecommerce sale is estimated in a worldwide plan whose rate is $4 trillion. Now e-commerce developers are looking for good platforms like open cart.

Open cart for E-commerce

Developers can create extension through E-commerce for customization and creation of extensions. For navigating menus which are mobile friendly allows developers to manage the platform of tablets and smart phones. Plethora of support and options are followed with multilingual post on the forum of OpenCart. Multi store mode is allowed with online panel and that panel is Google friendly. Google Analytics extensions can be added easily to the dashboard for SEO practices. The dashboards are always mobile friendly.


JavaScript is a text-based language which controls the web design objects. Webpages becomes interactive with the help of JavaScript. Animated graphics, interactive maps, artificial intelligence and chat bots are followed on the basis of efficiency in programming language. Big changes in JavaScript can be noticed in an integral part to follow modern web design and development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbots are kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through which interaction is done via text with a dominant force applied for online customer service. Brands are allowed by chat bots from social media to e-commerce apps. With the help of Chatbots one-to-one customer interactions are done and customer help is provided which increase the brand loyalty. AI is a part of web development.

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For AI chatbots are one facet AI system which may transform the way of internet services. Analysts says that wave of Internet of Things (IOT) operates the realm of the trend in web development.

Motion images

Earlier static images on pages were used which has been changed now. New technologies are helped to visually engage web. The best website designs are manufactured with videos, animation and graphical interchange formats (GIFs). Interactivity and engagement is enhanced by moving images which acts as tools for brands and it also establishes the strong identity which a web has. Nowadays cinematography, animations, 360-degree videos and GIFs in page 2017 is formulated in motion images which is a new form of web design.

One page websites

In 2017 the top and final trend of web design is one page website design where all the information is present. For mobile friendly sites one page web design is necessary to design. On tablets and smartphones multiple tabs and pages do not work. Clutter is reduced by one page sites. Immersive and engaging user experience is the result of web design.

Today new trend of web design is driving the digital market and you cannot design without development. In the design world web developers needs to work with the trend with creative and innovative skills.

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