Conserving Elephants on World Elephant Day (and Every Day)

Image credit: Krista Lyons, World Wildlife Fund

Today’s the 7th World Elephant Day, an annual event dedicated to the conservation of elephants worldwide. Still, there is a global appetite for elephant products. According to World Wildlife Fund, poachers kill 20,000 elephants on average every year for their ivory tusks, but we believe that eliminating the market for elephant products can help protect these magnificent species from going extinct.

At Etsy, we know that business can be a force for good, and protecting endangered and threatened species is an important part of leaving a positive impact on the world around us. We’ve prohibited these ivory and elephant products from our platform since 2013 in an effort to help with elephant conservation. We also partner with other tech companies and wildlife experts in the Global Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online to identify trends in elephant product trafficking and keep them out of our marketplace.

You can help save the elephants, too, by abstaining from ivory and elephant products. Elephant ivory can be identified by small markings known as Schreger lines on the surface of the item. Schreger lines look like cross-hatching at an angle around 100 degrees. If you look closely at an item and see this cross-hatching, it may be made of ivory. Please see the below photo for an example of Schreger lines, and click here to learn more about identifying ivory from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Ivory bracelets with visible Schreger lines. Image credit: Lu Gao, World Wildlife Fund

If you see items on Etsy that you suspect may be made from ivory or any other part of an elephant, please let us know. Scroll to the bottom right of the listing page, click “Report this item to Etsy,” and fill out the form. Thanks for helping us protect the elephants!