Etsy Releases 2017 Transparency Report

This August, Etsy released our fourth annual Transparency Report, a detailed summary of legal and policy enforcement efforts. We’ve done things a little differently this year, though: we’ve included our 2017 Transparency Report in our Impact Update, a review of our progress against our social impact goals..

One of Etsy’s values is that we are a mindful, transparent, and humane business. Our annual Transparency Report is an important reflection of this value. By providing updates and detailing how we address intellectual property concerns, enforce our site policies, and mediate disputes, we share helpful insights and information with our community and support our mission to keep commerce human.

In 2017, we made some important updates to our policies, including the following:

  • Expanding the window for cases and reviews from 60 to 100 days,
  • More transparently detailing members’ privacy and data rights.

Here are some highlights from our policy enforcement:

  • The percentage of orders that resulted in a dispute remained the same as 2016 at 0.3% of orders, even after the case window was extended to 100 days.
  • We saw a 2% increase in intellectual property takedowns from 2016, with a total of 19,255 takedowns affecting 299,998 listings from 66,764 sellers.
  • We closed 4,494 shops for repeat intellectual property infringement.
  • We received 394,564 flags from both Etsy and our community for potentially violating non-intellectual property policies, like as our Handmade Policy or Prohibited Items Policy. This is a 32% increase in flag volume from 2016.
  • We closed 316,801 accounts for policy violations unrelated to intellectual property.

To learn more, please see our 2017 Transparency Report, located on pages 27 and 28 of our Impact Update.

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