Black Friday Games Round Up

Since last week’s post about free/interesting games in my mind that week, a few more have drifted past. Let’s see if I can remember them all without opining too much!

Free Games

  • Local Steve Dee has some free games on the Tin Star website, plus more available to purchase. As I type, his party game about Elon’s Submarine is whipping across the internet to a good share of laughs, which is cool to see.
  • Until Monday, Sons of Anarchy fans can get the best RPG for them, 1%er (“One Percent-er”) for the price of their choosing.
  • One of Ben Lehman’s games fell into my feed this week, and I know some people might feel strange about rules which read like “do this until you feel you don’t want to anymore” but every game has that rule, it’s just seldom written into the fiction like this. Beloved is a game about saving your prince/princess/princex from monstrous captivity, like some leaping plumber. There are plenty of other cool things to be found on that site, too!
  • I just remembered about Mirror from Sandy Pug Games, which is about observation, among other things.
  • Dead Friend is a very cool Pay-What-You-Want two-player RPG, but PWYW translates best as “download it, read it, like it, PLEASE buy it” and if you can pay something for this one, it’s really worth it. It stirred similar emotions to A Scoundrel in the Deep, but MORESO.
  • The Draugr is a print-and-play solo game which looks great and well-rated. There are so many good solo p’n’p games out there at the moment, I (unfairly) feel disappointed by the fact that they don’t address my main quest to get people playing together.

Kickstarters & Other Commercial Games

Anyway, that’s all I have time for this week, there are heaps of other things I should be getting on with!

-Matt Horam, Con Org for Ettin Con.

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