Prep Work Underway

After three months of “rest”, the organisation is revving up their collective motor for our next event. We’ve had a couple of obstacles, but overall, it’s looking good, and we’ll be announcing final details early next week.
Winter 2019 details to be announced next week.

Greetings! As everything winds down for the holiday season, we’re winding ourselves up for the challenges of 2019. Our first foray, once injuries and illnesses were quelled, was to get our library over to Katoomba Library to share with the public alongside Afternoonified’s collection earlier this month, which seemed to go well. Hooray for that! We’ll be doing this again each month unless life gets in our way, but we’ll always let you know if we’ll be there.

Our library copy of Thornwatch arrived, which is also great to see! Thanks to Afternoonified, Let’s Play Games and Lone Shark for all their patient collaboration to get our delivery sorted. Our copy of Good Society is also enroute today, thanks, Storybrewers! Xmas post is fun.

The next thing was to find a date and venue for Winter 2019, which was no picnic. It seems that all the suitable venues were already booked, if not for whole weekends, at least enough parts of them to thwart most of our opportunities for a weekend-long convention. One of our principles is to work around existing events and communities, so we try to avoid asking people to vacate their spaces or reschedule their commitments. There are farmers, philosophers, musicians and religious congregations who rely on the spaces we share with them. In the end, we needed to decide between a spring weekend which would clash with SydCon, or accept that 2019 was a single-day affair, and that anything we want to achieve in 2020 needed to be booked in the next few weeks to have any chance at a two-day model in our future.

It was during this process that my other knee gave out, the punchline in an increasingly bad joke about ConOrg health.
Matt needs to go see some specialists about his suddenly unreliable corpus, which would be more fun if it involved plastic components, tweezers, electric circuits, a buzzer, and a red nose light.

I’ve seen illness derail other conventions, though I’ve been really lucky for most of my life, despite treating my body mercilessly for the better part of four decades. Something had to give, eventually, and it all pitched in to teach me this lesson in triplicate during 2018. It’s another reason we needed three months off our usually year-round cycle of organising events. Thankfully, it’s probably a manageable condition, but it pushed us over the edge to just get one day booked, sticking to our familiar format, for now.

The good news? We’ve got lots of interested parties on board right now, and a good buffer of time to make Winter 2019 really good. We have a bunch of plans for the event, and the Ettin Games Association community, both within and without the convention. We have a real shot at making 2020 amazing, too. We’re a teensy bit sad that a weekender has evaded us for three years, but we’re super-grateful for what we have achieved and shared with you all.

We’re also planning a private play event in January for anyone who would like to help plan and run the Winter 2019 event with us. It will be cosy, like our first event, but multiple tables and library games will be there, and we’ll spend 50% of the time just playing games and socialising. If you want in, reach our to us via

If you’re signed up to our Patreon, our Discord server, our mailing list, or follow us on any social media, you’ll see our Winter 2019 announcement between Sunday and Monday as it works its way through that list of channels, in that order. We expect to have tickets on sale by new year’s day, if not sooner. We’re going to do our best to make another great event for you next year, and even better ones after that, and we’re excited to see you there to share them with us.

-Matt Horam,
Con Org for Ettin Con