Working for the Weekend

Last Friday night, we momentarily closed ticket sales and permanently locked the library list so we could download both and get our systems ready for all the people and games we expect this Saturday.

Five minutes later, I re-opened ticket sales until Wednesday night because cash sales can be a bit of a hassle, so any amount we can reduce those by makes everything faster and safer for everyone concerned.

A little spreadsheet juggling, then the games/members are all loaded, and I’m working through the gaps right now. Library cards and lanyards were printed before midday Monday. Sent a dozen emails to lenders to confirm their lists and beg for more barcodes (checking games in on the day will be so much faster if they’re pre-loaded and lenders with tickets are the best lenders, because we can easily figure out who we need to give the game back to at the end of the day). Things are looking good!

New electronics have been tested & tagged. Ticketholders have an emailed guide to the event, and I posted a version of it on the Facebook event. Staff have been sent the second draft of the roster, and although it’s lighter than we’d prefer, we should be okay as long as I’m not trying to shuffle anyone too late in the week (these things have a tendency to domino).

Printing of other signage and game collateral has begun in earnest, and I’ll be working my way through lists of that until Thursday in a best-case scenario. Last-minute gear like extra lanyard cords & cases are being snapped up to ensure we don’t run short, and an extra card reader to replace the one we borrowed last time. Table hire is paid, delivery scheduled. Nice.

A few more reserved sessions have filled up, we’re sitting around the 75% mark, which means most sessions are guaranteed to run, and the remainder of seats spread across a variety of games gives impulsive players a decent menu from which to choose. Six sessions of the 13 have sold out, and there are also some open games on the timetable for people to just turn up to on a whim, or miss without causing chaos. Tops!

So now it’s about printing, cutting, loading library images, and posting daily with important info about this event for new attendees, and new info for returning attendees — including food, procedural improvements, and the need for patience with our new library as we book in many items (and people). Phew.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to it now, but that’s my week!

-Matt Horam, Con Org for Ettin Con.

For most everything you need on Saturday, visit !
After Saturday, I’ll be taking a month or two off to plan next year. What we’ve learned in 2018 is that for the event to survive and thrive, even with Patreon support approaching 50% of costs, we need to increase staff numbers by 100%. If you enjoy attending our events, please consider working for part of one! It earns you a ticket, other rewards, discounts, and once we have enough staff, more of the on-duty time can be spent playing casual games with your co-workers! We strive for great conditions, and can only achieve them with more people at each post.