How come did you guess I learn better through exploration? #LaMaestrA

All about me, myself and I

 I’m used to share a Learning Diary for each learning event I’m into, I’m starting the #legoogleearth16, too. 
 Proud and challenged to be with U all! #eTwinnerAQ 
 As an explorer, I believe that students, too should be involved in the discovery of our planet, our solar system and beyond, with all the culture that different places express through the people that live and shape them as citizens. 
 Google Earth allowed me, in particular, to explore, again, my hometown, flattened by an earthquake, as if she was still whole and safe. 
 This is an immense potential: the power of building and giving sense to the places we live in; and Google Earth allows discovery and exploration, without having to leave our classrooms. 
 It’s the spirit of eTwinning itself: knowing and growing together even at a distance, using digital resources to build, together, Culture.

… another Learning Diary by Claudia Valentini.

At present, I’m following simultaneously different Learning Events on ‘Educational Digital Competences’ and innovative approaches, simply because I need to check my expertise and vision, so, yes, I will go on sharing my ideas, that come from a life that has dramatically changed and experiences I’m trying hard to re-build in an understandable way. #ImmOtaMammeTa

#legoogleearth educational goals
To promote new ways of learning and teaching;
To involve students in the quest of using new tools to discover and share “Europe”;
To work in a collaborative context of sharing information about cultural, historical and natural heritage of Europe;
To develop cross-curriculum activities engaging different teachers and subjects;
For eTwinning it will be a different way to present their countries and also a good way to promote new projects.
What’s Google Earth
Learning to use G-earth by Marco Neves
G-earth for Learning
Further resources by eTwinning #legoogleearth16 LE
Taking Student Learning Out of This World: Integrating Google Earth in the Elementary Classroom 
Students as Explorers: Using Google Earth With Literature 
10 Ways to use Google Mapping Tools 
Google Earth User Guide
Google Earth Blog
Explore Multimedia Tracks — Create One

That’s all about placing POIs on MyMap!

“You remind me of my first kiss”

“How I wish that I could go back in time”
This multimedia track features your own memory + soundtrack of your first kiss ;o)

I’m willing to start an eTwinning Project, with this idea!
Will you join me?
Let’s start from iFrameTwinner group, because it’s all about embedding Multimedia Tracks in our TwinSpaces!
And, last but not least, let’s explore further resources! [Geomedialab]

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