Fishing time in Lineage 2 Classic!

Monkey Chef arrives for several days to Elmoreden and brings exotic flavors to freshen up this severe world.

Event Duration

Event Process

1. Banana harvest in Elmoreden!

Go hunting and pick up Banana Herb from monsters in all hunting zones. Remember that the herb won’t drop in case monster’s level is lower than character’s level by 9 or more.

Banana Herb’s effect is applied right after it is picked up and gives a good buff to all party members:​

2. Meet Chef Monkey!

Right after the maintenance Chef Monkey will appear in the main Elmoreden’s towns. Skilled cookery expert will briefly tell you about the event and offer various services. Use the /target Chef Monkey command to find him easier.​

3. Chef Monkey’s Bait

The chef will tell you about unique baits he made for Elmoreden citizens. The chef appreciates his work and won’t give his goods for free. The price of one bait is 250 Adena and is not affected by a castle’s tax.​

Chef Monkey’s Bait significantly decreases fishing time (20 seconds) compared to regular bait (110 seconds). Besides, using event bait will allow you to receive more experience from fishing!​

By the way, don’t forget about the fishing shots when you’re going to fish. They increase chances of successful fishing by 40% (basic chance 40% + fishing shot 40% = 80%).​

You can catch only 1 type of fish with event bait — Tuna.​

You can exchange it to Mysterious Blessed Soulshots (fighter shots!) that will increase the damage of physical attacks! By the way, they weight 0, so you can take as many with you as you want!​

Exchange rate:​

Hurry up to stock as many Blessed Soulshots as you can because they will stay with you even after the event is over!​

4. Monkey Chef Cocktails

Monkey Chef prepared amazing fruit cocktails using a unique secret recipe. For just 200 Spirit Ores anyone can order one of the following delicious drinks:​

Cocktail buffs do not stack with each other and do not stack with the following effects:​

– Prophecy of Fire;​

– Prophecy of Water;​

– Prophecy of Wind;​

– Chant of Victory;​

– Pa’agrio’s Victory.​

You won’t be able to receive these buffs as well as other cocktail’s effect if you already have a cocktail effect activated.​

Important: If you use one of the prophecies with cocktail effect on, the Spirit Ores for the prophecy will disappear but the prophecy won’t be applied.​

Event Tips

  1. A chance of Banana’s Herb drop rate triples every day from 16:00 till 00:00 UTC+1.
  2. The effect of Banana’s Herb disappears after log out.
  3. Fishing is available to characters with level 20+. Class doesn’t matter.
  4. Every try during the fishing consumes 1 bait regardless of the result of fishing.