Introducing the Euclid LRT Tournaments!

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3 min readFeb 5, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the Euclid LRT Tournaments now begins!

Earn E-Points by depositing LSTs and native ETH into Euclid Finance and receive elETH in return. elETH represents your restaked position on Euclid, and holding 1 elETH per day will grant you 1 E-Point.

Your daily E-Point earnings are determined by your E-Point Base multiplied by your Boost.

  • E-Point Base is calculated based on your elETH holdings and the elETH holdings of your referrals.
  • Boost is acquired through participating in Euclid LRT Tournaments. You can increase your boost by meeting specific criteria in each tournament and earn more rewards.

Tournament 1. Referral Wheel

Accumulate E-Point Base by referring members who join the tournaments and hold elETH.

Through the referral scheme, you can:

  • Add 20% of your referrals’ elETH holdings to your E-Point Base
  • Add an additional 10% for the referrals of your referrals


Tournament 2. vlEQB and ePENDLE Run

vlEQB is the vote-locked version of Equilibria Finance’s governance token EQB and can be used for gauge voting on Equilibria. Holding vlEQB will give you a maximum boost of 1x.

  • Boost_vlEQB = min{[Your vlEQB/Total vlEQB(vlEQB paired with elETH)] / [Your elETH/Total elETH] * 1, 1}

ePENDLE is the liquid version of vePENDLE tokens and can be obtained through PENDLE conversion or swapping via DEXes. Holding ePENDLE will provide a maximum boost of 0.5x.

  • Boost_ePENDLE = min{[Your ePENDLE/Total ePENDLE(ePENDLE paired with elETH)] / [Your elETH/Total elETH] * 0.5, 0.5}

Total vlEQB paired with elETH: 100,000
Total ePENDLE paired with elETH: 10,000

Tournament 3. Guild War

Create a guild by generating a referral code and inviting members to join. Each guild will be ranked based on the total sum of the guild members’ E-Point earnings every week. Only two tiers of referrals will be considered. Every week, the top 6 guilds will receive additional Boost. Please note that Boost_guild will be reset every week.

Join us in the Euclid LRT Tournaments and seize the opportunity to earn amazing rewards!

About Euclid

Euclid is a member protocol of NGAD, specializing in Omnichain Liquid Restake Assets, the simplest way to restake your ETH and LSTs to Eigenlayer.

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