Who We Are

Our Why

Natalia Blagoeva
“Every business understands the importance of creating a unique product or service. As important, organizations need a unique approach to people, leadership and culture.That often remains in the shadow of the product, service and customer focus and hinders the achievement of sustainable performance, well-being and prosperity. I am passionate about the people side of business and I founded Eudaimonia Solutions to support leaders and their organizations through leadership and organizational development and transformation processes.”

What we do

We support Leaders in Transformation, Leadership and Organizational Development through times of Scaling and Expansion, M&A, Leadership Transition and Restructuring, Digital and Cultural Transformation.

How we do it

We draw from a large network of international partners to put together teams that can support any aspect of a leadership and organizational transformation. Our work is defined by our values which reflect what is important to us. They describe our individual and collective motivations and drive our decision-making.

Who has been part of our journey so far?