Eugene Houchins’ Favorite College Football Traditions

College Football is no small event in the Houchins household.

Eugene Houchins — College Football carries with it many traditions socially, and within families.

Football enthusiast Eugene Houchins, and his family, love everything about this all-American sport. From traditions like tailgating to simply getting into the campus spirit, these sports fans know exactly what it means be a part of a team. There’s nothing like being decked in your team colors and having a little fun rivalry with the opponent’s fans. Football game day is to say the least, a huge deal.

Walking through college campuses, you’re immediately enraptured by everyone’s fervent energy. Houchins especially loves the community gathering, getting riled up with a cold beer in hand, and the pride that comes with it. To him and many other Americans, football brings families together… especially the epic college football tradition: Tailgating. Before the big game day, here are some things Houchins and his family prepare for:

Food and Drinks

Tailgaters keep a stash of snacks with them to share during the game. Coming prepared with meals is a must for dedicated fans who make the college football games an all-day event. Giant salad bowls, chips and dip, plus easy meals that can be prepared on-site are common foods tailgaters like to pack. Some will even bring portable barbecues for tasty burgers or hot dogs coupled with refreshing coolers. For people who love watching sports paired with bar food, tailgating is the perfect opportunity to combine the two.

Portable Items

Of course, one thing tailgaters come equipped with is travel-friendly items! Fans will lounge in front of their cars sitting on portable lawn chairs, or hang out with the trunk open and a comfortable portable couch propped inside. Houchins and his family come prepared with warm waterproof blankets expecting to snuggle up comfortably and watch the game. Think outdoor camping with entertainment. It’s hard not to love College Football Season.

Eugene Houchins knows that football is representative of the American Spirit, shared sense of triumph, hope, loyalty and friendly competition.

American Spirit

Most importantly, families are reminded of their shared love for this sport. The players’ loved ones all gather in support of their sons, brothers, nephews, grandsons, friends or friends of friends… In these college football games, everyone has some form of connection to one another. When a team wins, there is a shared sense of triumph. When a team is down by a point or more, there’s a shared feeling of hope, loyalty and friendly competition.

Fans are just as much involved in the game as the players are themselves! Football permits for their passion and support to be as loud as they want. Some will engage in debate, others will discuss the game, while some may remain rooted to their seats cheering — Regardless, everyone participates in the game.

Eugene Houchins and his family look forward to the next college football games to come- They are already anticipating the next tailgating event!