Eugene Houchins’ Tips on How Cyclists Can Get a Better Workout

Eugene Houchins is an avid cyclist and knows how to get the most out of his cycling workouts.

With Georgia’s warm temperatures and sunny days, why wouldn’t you want to take up cycling? For those who feel energized by being immersed in the great outdoors and are looking to get a great workout, Eugene Houchins highly recommends cycling. To Houchins and other cycling enthusiasts, there’s nothing like pedalling on a smooth lane with the cool breeze brushing past you. Every route gets progressively more and more challenging and this very challenge is what make cycling all the more exhilarating! For those who have a physical fitness goal in mind, here are some tips on how to get an optimal workout while cycling:

Be Mindful of How You’re Pedalling

Attempt to cycle in fluid circles instead of applying too much force. You can quicken your pace, but you must be mindful of how you’re pedalling. To avoid exerting too much energy and tiring yourself out, try applying consistent pressure on your pedals. This will strengthen both your legs and allow you to get a consistent workout without too much fluctuation where your legs may either cramp up from sporadic bursts of activity, or get no workout at all because of a lack of resistance in the pedals.

Resist the Urge to “Look Down”

It’s easy to get into the habit of looking down when you’re giving it all you got. Being tired or out of breath from jogging or cycling, often results in the participant’s head tilting down and looking at the ground, instead of ahead. This head tilt, however, can restrict your breathing and tire you out faster. Keep your focus with your gaze looking out straight ahead. When Houchins rides his bike, he makes a conscious effort to remind himself to awaken his senses by looking at his surroundings. Sometimes all it takes is a scenic route to keep you from looking down.

Eugene Houchins: keeping correct form can help you get more out of your energy output, as well as prevent injury & utilize the correct muscle groups.

Strengthen Your Core

Do not neglect your upper body! With both your legs pumping, your upper body will have the tendency to rock from side-to-side. To get an all-around better workout, cycling professionals recommend maintaining your upper body form. Keep your back flat, elbows bent and relaxed, making sure your arms are in line with your body. In order to maintain this upper body posture, evenly distribute your weight on your seat and apply a little less weight on the handlebars. You want to keep a neutral spine as best as possible to reduce any strain or discomfort while strengthening your core.

Break Smoothly

Controlled movement is everything when it comes to cycling. Even when you’re coming to a stop. Be sure you’re not halting abruptly — lightly squeeze your brakes, increasing your pressure gradually, then release from a firm hold, gradually. Squeezing too hard can make you lunge forward and make the bike harder to steer.

Though cycling has been growing in popularity, there are still some who underestimate how beneficial it can be for your physical and mental wellbeing. Eugene Houchins has gained so much from being a cycling enthusiast and never hesitates to express the numerous health benefits that come with cycling!