Eugene Houchins’ Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Eugene Houchins tips to avoid being a workaholic

As President of American Life Fund Corp. Eugene Houchins, has come a long way from his earlier years. Being consumed with work and having a lot of responsibilities, in addition to being held accountable for work matters, proved to be very difficult on top of being stressful. Though it is a lot easier now, over the years, Houchins has learned tactics to prioritize health, happiness and his family while striving towards professional success.

For those who have been regarded as a “workaholic” and are trying to liberate themselves from the repercussions of being one, here are some tips Houchins has to offer:

Set Boundaries

Begin setting boundaries by listing your priorities in life. Chances are, if you have a family, your family will come out at the top of your list. Having this in mind will help you focus on the bigger picture as you strive to achieve your work goals. While you may be passionate about your work, you’ll have to assess your work decisions by considering the following: Will this work-related task compromise the quality of my relationship with my family? Constantly being in “work mode” can impede your efforts to be engaged or present in your family’s life.

Once you’ve shortlisted your priorities, you can have a shared calendar with your family to collectively choose days to spend together. This time you set aside for one another will be spent without any distractions and is meant to strengthen your relationship. This means scheduling meeting in advance and a strict no work-call policy in order to not miss out on family dates!

Eugene Houchins: Balance is the key to keep your energy levels & mood happy.

Pace Yourself

Since he began working towards a more balanced life, Houchins has taken on a new understanding of time management. He quickly realized that achieving his goals is a work in progress. By pacing himself, he is able to refuel his energy as opposed to being fixated on a project and increasing his workload.

Pacing himself when striving for his goals has helped him to be more forgiving when complications were inevitable. This mentality motivates him to work towards improvement. Eventually, it becomes easier to adapt better to changes and work towards an alternative solution. In other words, pace yourself to alleviate unnecessary stress!

Keep Your Hobbies

It’s good to have hobbies and to engage in them. All aspects of your life can benefit from having hobbies as they are meant to enrich you as a person. Hobbies give you something to discuss outside of work-related matters, make networking enjoyable, help you to break routine, develop new skills, and refuel your energy.

Eugene Houchins believes that multiple areas in your life can improve if you make sure to keep up with your hobbies.

Taking the time to cultivate different interests allows you to break free from monotony and makes interactions with others a lot more enjoyable. This includes engaging in new things with your family! One of Houchins’ favorite hobbies is coaching Little League sports. His family comes out to many of his games in support of him as a father/husband and shares his passion for fun and team spirit.

Having all of the above in mind has helped Eugene Houchins to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Though some weeks might take up more work-time than family time, he and his family continuously work together to keep a harmonious lifestyle. For professionals who struggle to maintain this balance, Houchins encourages them to work through these personal tips.