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EUNO· Coin: First Month In and Long Term Vision

Tim Stevens
Nov 10, 2019 · 2 min read

EUNO· Coin officially launched on June 28, 2018. It is the brainchild of a diverse team of professionals, covering a wide range of industries including technology, finance, marketing, public policy, and design. Through their previous involvements in different individual capacities with several well-established coins, the EUNO team understands the importance of strategic planning in developing a successful project, and the value of decentralization that can only be upheld by a strong and informed community.

With a long term vision of providing individuals, businesses, and financing entities with modern and user-friendly payment and financing solutions, the EUNO team has laid out a multi-phased strategy and implementation road map to develop a digital currency that is technically sophisticated, yet suitably accessible for future adoption.

As a first strategic phase in the life of EUNO, the team will focus on building a solid infrastructure and engaging a broad community that will play a pivotal role in fine-tuning the details of project development, technical accessibility and exposure. This phase will mainly entail open-source product releases, cryptocurrency tracking-platform listings, exchange listings, and independent marketing campaigns. During the implementation period of the first phase, groundwork will also be laid for the second phase, in which innovative product development will be introduced into the currency and its ecosystem, forming the utility value of EUNO.

In the first month since its official launch, EUNO has shown strong progress exceeding the pace of the initially foreseen road map. In terms of product development, EUNO has released desktop wallets for Linux, Windows, and Mac (beta) operating systems, and is in the process of working on its mobile wallets, which will be an integral part of its utility.

In terms of market exposure, EUNO has secured listings on price and masternode tracking platforms: Blockfolio, Delta,, Coinmarketcal, and is in talks with other major platforms for near future listings. In market availability, EUNO is currently listed on, has obtained approval for listing on Total Crypto eXchange hub (TCXHUB) expected to launch in Q3 2018, and is in the process of gaining access into new trading platforms in the very near future. On the marketing side, EUNO continues to organically gain new followers on its telegram, discord and twitter accounts, and is undertaking continuous updates to its website, online platforms, and social media presence.

We thank our wonderful community for their support in making EUNO’s first month a success!! Stay tuned for more.

Upcoming in the near future: EUNO· Coin White Paper, New Exchanges.

writer credit: Banky Moon


EUNO· Privacy by choice cryptocurrency, looking to become a…

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