EUNO• Coin — One Year On

Tim Stevens
Nov 8, 2019 · 3 min read
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One year since its genesis block, EUNO• Coin continues to progress with the same enthusiasm and vim as it did in its early days. After all, the aim of the team has always been the creation of a no-nonsense project focused on product delivery and community trust.

Today, EUNO boasts a solid infrastructure that will carry it to become a leading crypto-to-fiat payment medium. Technically, its blockchain has shown a stability that few coins have enjoyed over the course of one year. It is now supported by a strong community in its PoW and PoS protocols in addition to more than 200 masternodes. It’s Windows, Mac, and Linux wallets run seamlessly with rare if ever reported glitches. To improve accessibility on available wallets, the team is currently developing a lite desktop wallet. The Beta version of its android mobile wallet is also progressing smoothly as is its in-development IOS wallet, which will in the near future support NFC crypto-to-fiat payments.

In terms of user support, the EUNO community has in the past 12 months grown into a wonderful family thanks to the backing of its community members who tirelessly spread the word on social media and boost the marketing efforts of the team. Starting with less than 500 users in its first month, EUNO’s telegram community has grown to a strong 9,000 + users, enjoying the friendly vibe of the room and Euna’s exciting perks, from informative bits to tips, rain and drips.

The team continues with its drive to increasing transparency and decentralization making use of its governance structure that includes Masternode operators in key decisions regarding the project. The latest vote on protocol attributes is ongoing as are upgrades to the voting portal and process to improve effectiveness and transparency. The governance structure will be essential in the long run for its self-sustaining progress and longevity.

In use-case, EUNO is currently in talks with potential partners that could support and elevate its NFC crypto to fiat payment system. EUNO is already accepted by a number of gateways that could serve as the back-end for required processes, but the team is in the process of designing a solution that would also increase the currency’s exposure and accessibility beyond the present cryptocurrency space and that would permit instantaneous access to a large number of merchants. From then on, its flagship innovations will be gradually on-boarded including EUNO Pay’s Adoption and Convergence Incentivized Distribution — ACID protocol. Expect to hear more on that in the near future!!

As a cryptocurrency, EUNO is supported by coinpayments and new merchants continue to accept it as a medium of exchange. For more information on merchants currently accepting EUNO, please refer to the official website.

In its first year, EUNO Coin has continued to progress with support from its dedicated core team and growing community. Join us in shaping the future of payments and get started on:





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