EUNO kicks off 2020

Tim Stevens
Jan 18, 2020 · 6 min read

Dear reader,

to start off this article we from the EUNO team and community would like to wish everyone a happy and blessed new year. 2020 has come.
We hope everyone has enjoyed this festive period.

Eugen & Tim

Some quick background on us…

Ran by a team of experienced blockchain experts, EUNO· is a transaction platform running on a full-stack blockchain. EUNO· nodes protect privacy by combining end-to-end encryption with a mixed network that obscures and provides anonymity to its users.

The platform’s consensus mechanism enables high security, capable of supporting secure messaging, payments and privacy by choice.

EUNO· is capable of supporting high transaction volumes, with extremely fast processing to support global consumer adoption of the decentralized blockchain.
The first application, EUNO·PAY is currently being built and supports smartphone-based NFC payments. It will serve as one of the first easy-to-use interfaces to pay through Near Field Communications (NFC) including an instant settlement from crypto to fiat at a wide range of Point of Sale(POS) terminals.

To further incentivize the use of EUNO·, Acid Protocol, a reimbursement protocol, is being created when utilizing the NFC app, details can be found here:

EUNO·’s Governance model consists of core team members and masternode operators, through the power of democracy they come together and address, discuss & tackle any topic related to the project.

Feel free to ask questions about EUNO·, get to know the team, and engage with members of the EUNO· community across our social media platforms.

Let’s get to it then..

What happened in Q4?

A short recap of what has happened in Q4:

EUNO Q3 update reference
  • The website has successfully went through the transition to be build on Nuxt/VueJs, it is now 100% complete.
  • A EUNO softfork has successfully taken place without issues as a result from the governance vote for continuous reduction of block rewards.
    read more here:
  • iOS wallet
Q3 article recap

The iOS wallet is ready for testing, its development is completed for 100% this quarter.
What’s next? Once the iOS wallet is cleared and added to the Apple store we are able to further test it and possible improve it. Until this integration has commenced there will be no further updates on this topic.

  • ACID protocol
    Software blueprint has successfully been mapped out, it is now ready to be picked up by a developer.
Roger & Arjan
  • Community meetup event
    No progress has been made in re-scheduling this event
  • Roadmap update
    The roadmap progression has been updated on the following topics:
    85% > 100% Mobile wallet, ( Awaiting Apple store approval )
    80% > 100% Mobile wallet redesign
    5% > 10% ACID protocol, Digital blueprint completed
  • New vendor Q4

In Q4 we also added a new vendor, Aerial messages, find out more below.

Official website:

  • First Governance meeting

There was a successfull governance meeting in Q4 where all members of the governance were able to join and communicate with the team.
Topics such as hard numbers and Q4 focus were discussed during the meeting.
The first introduction of the EUNO REMA was also part of the meeting.
Afterwards all governance members has the chance to ask questions and overall talk about the EUNO project, we feel it was a success.

  • YouTube
    A video has been added on how-to use the EUNO blockchain bootstrap to speed up the wallet synchronization process.
  • EUNO community
    Thanks to our new administrator Angel, several community events have been held. She successfully executed weekly lotto’s on both Facebook and Twitter, but also continuous trivia’s on Facebook and Telegram.
    On behalf of the team we would like to say THANK YOU, your devotion is an inspiration.
  • Team update
    In life sometimes concessions will be made.
    It is through this way that I would like to share the good news with you that multiple members have been offered a new job and decided to accept.
    On the flipside this will mean that they will have less time for the EUNO project moving forward and it is hereby my pleasure to wish them well and congratulate them on their new endeavours.
    - Iskandar ( Marketing )
    - Tim ( Marketing )
    - Banky ( Marketing )
    - Andrew ( Advisor )


As most people know already, has stepped away from the team and telegram to focus on his non-crypto life. Here’s a little note from him:

“I’d like to thank the community and the team for everything over the last 18 months. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’ve made some great lasting friendships along the way! I still will check my telegram if you would like to reach out to me, I just am no longer in any rooms so I can get my real life together. I’m currently working over 20+ EXTRA hours per week at my real job and over the next several months I’m trying to move to a new state and start fresh somewhere.
My decision to leave was very hard, however I need to focus on ‘me’ for now. My decision has nothing to do with the state of EUNO or anything of the sort, I’m still holding all my EUNO and continue to (Until I’m able to spend it anywhere via NFC!!) Thanks again to the new family I created for putting up with me and I hope everyone has an awesome 2020!”


It has been a pleasure to serve the community the best way possible, going from a member of the Governance to the EUNO team with the goal to establish better transparensy. Eventhough it has been a short period of time (1.5Q) I do like to look back at this time with a positive feeling. The transparancy and communication was one my key objectives to accomplish.
For me the decision was rather easy to make, at the end of last year i’ve been offered a job abroad (Germany) with the opportunity to work within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector on a full-time contract basis which extends to a lot of travelling and talking with ‘the’ decision-makers in crypto.
This is why i’ll stay as a governor member, but it won’t be fair towards the project to be occupied with other tasks. I wish everyone well and I hope the best for the community moving forward, you’ve all been great. COFFEE TIME.

To compensate the reduction of work power, we are looking for new team members in the fields of Development and Marketing.

  • Marketing Team
    As you can read above some members of the Marketing department will be operating elsewhere, rest assured. Patrick has acquired a marketing budget which will be used to hire an external marketing party.
    Find out more in this video that was taken with Jumping Joe Jack.

As always you can keep up with us on TG or on our website www.EUNO.CO.

Telegram :
Twitter :
LinkedIn :
Facebook :
Instagram :
Reddit :
Binance Info :
BTC Talk :

We’re also available @

  • Blockfolio Signals
  • Delta
  • Crypto talks world
  • CoinMarketCal
  • CoinsCalender
  • Bit Universe
  • Coindar
  • BetweenBlocks
  • ToTheMoon

Exchanges :






EUNO· Privacy by choice cryptocurrency, looking to become a leading payment medium through #NFC mobile payments combined with blockchain technology. (X11 PoW/PoS)


EUNO· Privacy by choice cryptocurrency, looking to become a…

Tim Stevens

Written by



EUNO· Privacy by choice cryptocurrency, looking to become a leading payment medium through #NFC mobile payments combined with blockchain technology. (X11 PoW/PoS)

Tim Stevens

Written by



EUNO· Privacy by choice cryptocurrency, looking to become a leading payment medium through #NFC mobile payments combined with blockchain technology. (X11 PoW/PoS)

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