EUNO• We’re up to Something! February 2019 Updates

Tim Stevens
Nov 9, 2019 · 2 min read
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While moonbois sweat it out and shillers shill, EUNO Coin has been hitting targets and ticking check-boxes behind the scenes in 2019. Following a successful launch of its community driven governance system, the team released its new voting platform, making it simple and fun to take part in deciding on EUNO tech and strategic developments. The portal was created by a former community member and our newest core-team member, Arjan. Its first test in January presented masternode operators with a chance to decide on including optional anonymous voting for future proposals, and the governance team voted YES! with a 77% majority. In other additions that aim to improve the experience of the community, Roger the bot-master added new features to our beloved bot, Euna, enabling masternode operators to easily check whether they are connected using simple commands over telegram.

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In terms of usability and trust, EUNO’s revamped website that was launched on the first day of 2019, and continues to be refined in features, design and accessibility, saw several additions that will prove vital for exposure and transparency, including the website’s translation into four languages — Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese — with more languages to come soon, and the addition of team member photos and biographies; but don’t waste your time looking at an inanimate pic of Andrew’s majestic beard, meet him and the rest of the team and community, not to mention the man himself, P. Bateman, on the Larry and Joe Show that streamed live on February 9th 2019 with a special appearance from Verge’s CryptoReeeekt!!

With all the community fun and hard work behind the scenes, the first few months are still just a warm-up for what’s coming in 2019, with plenty of exciting news and releases planned for the first quarter and the remainder of the year. Coming up soon is a new paper wallet generator, the long awaited release of EUNO’s Android mobile wallet — sneak peek — and much more!

Check out the Roadmap below and stay tuned to EUNO’s telegram and social media outlets!!

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For more information, please refer to the EUNO website:

writer credit : Banky Moon


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