About the host

Carolyn Hadlock has an endless curiosity about beautiful thinking. Carolyn has spent her whole career at Young & Laramore creating compelling work as an art director and later a creative director for the agency’s roster of national consumer brands. As Y&L’s first-ever Executive Creative Director, she’s passionate about advocating for independent agencies as they take up more space in the world of advertising. In 2014, she helped to found the One Club’s Creative Leaders Retreat to unite creatives from secondary markets across the country and expose them to real talk from industry leaders. With the Beautiful Thinkers Project, Carolyn’s goal is to have rich discussions with leaders and thinkers across business, art, science, and other disciplines about the process of creating and nurturing ideas. She hopes the Project will inspire other minds to venture toward risky, off-the-wall, outside-the-box, beautiful thinking.




Carolyn Hadlock (Executive Creative Director, Young & Laramore) sits down with founders, leaders, creators, and visionaries across industries and disciplines to learn more about how they imagine and produce ideas, and explore what makes beautiful thinking.

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