Creative Ideas That Worked in 2018

Excerpt from piece published by Muse by Clio in December, 2018

I was asked alongside 3 other Creative Directors last month by Tim Nudd, Editor of Muse by Clio, to choose a piece of work another agency did in 2018 as well as a piece that my agency did. Below is my pick for a piece that Rothco, Ireland did for the Time of London as well as a link to the other campaigns showcased. They’re all worth checking out.

This project was created by Irish agency, Rothco for the Times of London

The Times of London, “JFK Unsilenced”

Where do I start? So many brilliant layers.

The fact that they used A.I. to bring a historical event to life that never happened is mind-blowing. The fact that it wasn’t done for technology’s sake, but as part of the “Find your voice” campaign, is refreshing. The fact that they launched it on the day JFK should have given that speech 55 years ago is timely. The fact that the speech is maybe even more relevant today than it was then is a little terrifying.One thing I know for sure: This changed the way I’ll think about the assassination forever. And if I lived in the U.K., I’d be the newest subscriber to the Times.