How’d I get here?

David Young, my CD and mentor at Y&L gave me this dress form when I became a CD. It had been his mothers. It reminds me everyday that I am responsible for helping bring good work to life.

I’ve been told I should have an “About Me” explanation on my blog. This is my attempt to do a twist on the classic bio:

Dropped my nursing major.

Switched to graphic design. Got rejected.

Started over. Went to art school.

Got married.

Met the Y and L of Y&L. Fell hard.

Interviewed, three times

over three years.

Finally got the job.

Won my first national ADDY.

Won my first ADC Gold.

Became CD.

Had a daughter.

Won my first pencil.

Won client.

Made partner.

Lost client. (Same day I made partner.)

Had a son.

Won my first Effie.

Named a “Person to Watch” by GDUSA.

Created for Carmelite nuns.

Appeared on the Today Show (with the nuns).

Shaped the Brizo brand

and its partnership with Jason Wu

(back when nobody knew who he was).

Shortlisted for Cannes.

Judged my first CA Ad Annual.

Became ECD.

Flew to Portland to gather wisdom

from holy grail W+K .

Met with Susan Hoffman.

(Wise woman.)

Co-founded Creative Leaders Retreat.

Judged Effies.

Started a blog called Eunoia

about beautiful thinking.

Met some beautiful thinkers

while speaking across the country:

SCAD. VCU Brandcenter. BDW. BYU. Miami Ad School.

Minneapolis Ad Fed. Austin Ad Fed. Denver Ad Fed.

Still a student. Still growing. (Still failing.)

Still believe the best is yet to come.

Hopefully, my story can inspire yours.