“Speak Not to Me of Flowers”

I did this illustration for a poem my daughter wrote. The poem is about fighting against the current of who we’re supposed to be instead of celebrating who we are. Insecurities are born and bred on Snapchat, in conversations among friends, in the media and over texts. Growing up has never been easy. We romanticize the past, but when we see our children going through it, we remember how it was. If given the choice, I choose being a dandy over being a flower. Every single time.

Poem by Calyn Hadlock | Illustration by Carolyn Hadlock

Speak not to me of flowers
Such wimpy little things
Whiling away the hours
Wilting in the rain

I’m inspired by the weeds
Hearty resilient and strong
Scrappy little survivors
The last left on the lawn

See I quite like the dandelions
Vibrant tall and bright
Rooted to their spots and waiting
Waiting for a fight
Dandelions don’t go easy
Resilient and tough
Blow them apart with all your might
It will never be enough

See you can try to kill a weed
Mow ’til the yellow’s gone
But all your efforts will be for naught 
Dandelions don’t stay down
For long.