To Europe and Back

Winter Finds 2018

WHOA is a section dedicated to the small things I find along the way that inspire me my work
1) My favorite piece of graffiti, Paris. 2).Aperol Spritz! Geneva
3) Bidou Masks exhibit, Newfields, Indianapolis
4) Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona 5) My backyard, Indianapolis
  1. Spotted this in the Latin Quarter. Have no idea what it means, but I loved the mind meld.
  2. I was first introduced to this drink in Geneva this fall. Though it’s admittedly more of a summer drink, any season is a good one for an Aperol Spritz. Recipe: Equal parts Aperol liqueur and Prosecco + dash of club soda, garnished with orange wedge and cinnamon stick.
  3. Every time I finish up a meeting at Newfields, I check out a new exhibit. It allows me to take my time with a single gallery. Recently, I lingered over The Remarkable Masks of Master Bidou Yamaguchi: a small collection of masks carved in the traditional Noh style. Yamaguchi, a classically trained contemporary artist, carved 3-dimensional masks from 2D western paintings. Ethereal is the only word I have for these.
  4. Taking in this playlist while dangling my feet (and drinking an Aperol Spritz!) in the Grand Hotel’s rooftop pool was heavenly.
  5. Cooking creamy lemon and herb chicken with potatoes in a dutch oven over a campfire in my backyard. There’s nothing like tasting the smokiness in food that’s been cooked over an open fire.