VCU Brandcenter Recruiting Session 2017

Just got back from spending two days with the future leaders of our industry at Brandcenter, in Richmond, VA. Brandcenter is a graduate program, founded and run by advertising vets. I’ve been connected to the program for the past 8 years through speaking, recruiting and mentoring. The program puts out fully integrated candidates who choose a concentration track from brand management to experience design to art direction to writing. This students are smart, empathetic, funny and hardworking. The professors are all full time and have been together for a long time and consistency shows in the student’s work and their experiences. I’m so happy that there were 4 IU Bloomington alums that were graduating this year.

I’ve included some of my favorite pieces of work from a few of the books. If you are curious, you can check out all the books. The conversations with the students were as inspiring as the work. Highly recommend attending.