Orchids and Not Giving a F*ck

Winter Finds, 2018

WHOA is a section dedicated to the small things I find along the way that inspire me my work
Orchids are a prime example of why you should never give up on something or someone. Sure, they go dormant from time to time. But with care and attention, they’ll come back. Perhaps even more gloriously than before. Case in point: my orchid just bloomed for the fourth time, and it’s stunning.
Best book of 2017 — a marvelously refreshing take on evaluating what really matters to you.
Left: Some might see cracked color tiles. I see an overhead view of a European market on a sunny Saturday morning. Right: I love cooking. And eggs Benedict. It was high time I learned how to poach an egg from this MasterClass (which I highly recommend).
Discovered this genius (@abstractsunday) on Instagram. He uses objects and images as prompts for illustration. (I’ve always been a sucker for combining graphic illustration and photography.)