Today, I crave…

Adult Content — Erotica

I crave…

…to have her lying on a bed, giving me that special smile that lights up my world.

…to catch small hints of perfume as she leans on one arm and pulls back the sheets with the other.
…to feel the warmth of her body as I slide into the bed next to her.

…to feel her move toward me, because she craves me as much as I crave her.

I want…

…to feel her long brunette hair slide over my shoulder, my chest, and my face as she approaches to kiss me.

…to feel her warm breath cascade over my face as her lips get closer to mine.

…to feel her soft lips slide over mine as my fingers slide over the soft curves of her body.

…to feel her warm breasts slide over my chest as my hand slides over her lace-covered ass.

…to intentionally drag my fingers down her legs as I take her panties off because I love the feeling of her skin.

I desire…

…to watch and feel her slowly drag her hard nipples randomly across my chest.

…to feel her body temperature get hotter and hotter under my fingertips.

…to feel her lie on top of me and kiss me harder.

…to listen to her gasping for air as our kisses become longer and more passionate.

…to feel powerful as I roll us over until she is lying on her back.

…to feel her arch her back as I slowly kiss down her deliciously imperfect body.

I yearn…

…for the sweet taste of her flesh to linger on my lips.

…to feel her tighten her abs and gasp when I kiss that soft, ticklish, tender spot between her tummy and her her hip.

…to feel her fingertips slowly drag up my back the further down her body I go.

…for her touch to tell me she is uncertain if she wants me to slide back up her body to be closer, or keep sliding down her body because she knows what I’m about to do.

…to hear her moan softly when I slowly kiss from her ankle to her knee.
…to feel her body heat progressively getting hotter as I slowly kiss from her knee upward.

I need…

…to hear her whimper when my lips finally kiss that spot of hot flesh that is between her pussy and her inner thigh.

…to feel her thighs close in against my cheeks when I let my warm exhale crash into her aching pussy.

…to hear her gasp and grab the sheets tightly when I slowly and ever so softly let me tongue drag from the bottom of her slit to the top.

…to feel her groan when my warm, wet tongue parts her hot, wet, lips and slowly slides from bottom to top.

…for my tongue to search out and find her clit and lick it every so softly.

…to slowly let the pressure of my licks build until she bucks her hips.

…to feel her whole body spasm when time I take her clit into my mouth, pin it to the roof of my mouth, and slide my tongue up her clit until it ‘clicks’ in my mouth.


…to listen to her moans grow louder.

…feel her writhe and wiggle beneath me.

…to make it feel so good that I have to push her legs open.

…to keep going until she can’t think about anything else but me.

…to be smothered as she approaches her climax, sits forward, and grabs the back of my head, pulling me into her.

…to listen for that exact moment when she goes over the edge so I can slide my tongue into her and feel her spasm around my tongue.

…to keep my face on her pussy no matter how tired my tongue is, because three orgasms isn’t enough.

…to kiss her passionately with my tongue still coated with her cum and juices.

I need…

…to see her eyes when she is drunk on lust and orgasms.

…to lie on top of her hot, soft body and feel her wrap her legs around me.

…to slide just the tip of my hot cock inside of her…and then pull it back out.

…to slide just the tip in again, and again, and again, and again until I feel her hands pulling my lower back and her legs try to pull me into her.

…I need to listen to her beg and whimper for more.

…to slide my entire hot, thick, hard cock into her when she least expects it.

…to listen to her make that unique, amazing, sensual, sexy noise when I fully penetrate her abruptly.

I yearn…

…to slide in and be engulfed by her hot, wet, silky pussy.

…to hear her groans as I shift my hips left and right, probing every inch of her from the inside.

…to feel her cheek rub against mine as I thrust in harder.

…to find our special rhythm.

…for her to grab my face and be so consumed with passion that her hard kisses make my lip bleed.

I desire…

…to slide out when I am close to coming. I’ve only been inside of her long enough to be tipsy with her passion…I want to be drunk.

…to sit up and look down at the goddess below me and feel proud that she is glistening with sweat, knowing I turned up her temperature.

…to let my primal urges out and grab her firmly and roll her over and position her on her hands and knees.

…to watch this moving piece of art get into position and expose all her delicious curves to me.

…to see her whip her long hair around without using her hands and then peek over her shoulder with the look that tells me she is ready for more.

I want…

…to feel her hips in my strong hands.

…to watch her back arch and her head bow slightly when my thick cock slides back into her.

…to feel like a god when I am connected to this goddess.

…to thrust faster and harder with every passing minute.

…to stare at her long hair as it slowly slides off of her sexy back and shoulders each time I slam into her.

…to look down and watch myself disappear into her.

…to grab her hair and pull as we let the lust take the place of the love.

…to watch each hard thrust of mine ripple through her delicious ass every time we crash together.

I crave…

…to feel her reach back and grab my wrist because I’m thrusting into her as hard as I can.

…to listen to her moans turn into screams.

…to have my fingers slowly slide off of her shoulders because I am pulling her so hard as I thrust.

…to know that she is close to climaxing again.

…to hold my cum back as long as possible so I can wait for that moment when she goes over the edge.

…to let out a guttural moan as I stop holding myself back and shoot my hot cum as deep inside her as possible.

…to overflow.

…to collapse in a hot, sweaty, sticky mess, not knowing where my flesh ends and where hers begins.

…to listen to her pant and gasp for air just as much as I am.

…to try to find the pillows before we pull the covers over us, ignoring the mess we have made under the sheets.

…to pull her close to me.

…to nuzzle into her neck, with my arms around her, listening to her breathe, enjoying my dizziness, and cherishing the high.

…to hear her whisper, “I love you,” before she falls asleep…