Pairs web library selection history

Hiroshi Ohsuga
Dec 11, 2020 · 4 min read

This is 11th entry in Eureka Advent Calendar 2020.

Actually we renew our code base of Pairs for web browser since two year ago.
Then we made notes for the result and its reason of library and technology selection.

In this entry I want to review those notes by self and let you know what we like.

Image for post
Image for post

A quoted markdown is the notes, and I put current comment after that.



This note is in 2018, and then we didn’t have enough time to study and consider it.
So we considered css sprite based on the premise of using http/1.1, nonetheless, in the result we don’t use css sprite.


Actually SSR implementation is complicated but architecture didn’t get complicated in whole.


Because we already used Workbox at that time, we didn’t consider others.


It can be read to do lazy loading of Reducer. Finally, we don’t do that because the reason why its system was quite complicated and we employed the budget for each bundle size.

We used css-loader at first.
Details are in css library section.


We are using eslint based on presets and sometimes adjust rules with comment of the reason why we must make it loose or adjust it.



Do you need other comments? Typescript won.
It was very very very good news that ts can be parsed by Babel.


We should have used css-in-js from the beginning.
Using many webpack loaders makes module updating delay for example in the case of storybook we should wait for updating dependencies to use same webpack config.
To treat as javascript is very useful for many cases.

View library

Lol, it looks heavy bias by lovers of React.
Did Single File Component exists in Vue2 at that time? Pairs Engage, its admin tool and Pairs admin tool use Vue, right?

If we choose now, was decision changed?


I love react.


There are many notes for others that I can’t compile in thi entry.


There are some libraries which was changed many times. Storybook is one of them. Because we stopped using css-loader, finally we can use it stably.
Jest, puppeteer and cypress also are the same. We were trying them to find good cost performance.
Unfortunately we don’t often decide them with clear logic but keep considering and trying libraries to improve maintainability, sustainability and DX.

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