Day 10: Alkmaar — Den Helder

Monday 15 June 2009 / 40 miles

Couldn’t be bothered to get up. Phone went bezerk in night. Contact lense solution had shorted the charging pad. Took ages over packing. Seemed like nice weather. Set off towards Schoolen and found massive sand hill in centre. Bought breakfast at supermarket — croissants, yoghurt and juice. Asked at tourist office — VVV — for best route + camp sites. From there cycled up coast towards north. We were up + down sand dunes + alongside the dykes and it was an amazing ride. My knee started to hurt at times. Stopped at seaside town and bought toasties + cafe ‘Vricards’? Cycled on and took detour to beach. Very nice + calm — beach stretched for miles. Saw people further up beach. Headed back to bikes and continued on path until we came to other part of beach with a lovely looking bar/restauraunt. Would have like to swim as very warm. Almost took wrong turn following VVV sign thinking we were in Den Helder but turned back and carried on through the dunes. Paths were amazing to cycle on. Passed a campsite outside Den Helder but continued onto tourist office and then back to it after using McDonalds toilet. Set up camp in empty field. Made clothes line between + bikes and looked like Gypos. Played frisbee + nerf ball topless in sun + was so sweaty. Lots of fun. Cycled off to find Beach but got lost and ended up in centre. Got McDonalds food and decided to get beers + evening food from supermarket before heading back to beach — already about 6ish. Came back to camp to drop food and spotted some other tourers setting up camp. Went to speak to them + turns out they are English. Chatted for 1/2 hour then went to beach. Lovely sunny evening. Drank beers and read. Runners. Horse riders. Choppers + seal. Rode bikes on wet sand. Watched police training exercise. Returned to camp about 9.30 and cooked. I repacked bags to put weight at back of bike. Showered + did dishes. Bed by 11ish.