Day 7: Rotterdam — Amsterdam

Friday 12 June 2009 / Train

Woke at 8.30. Very tired. Felt quite strange and on edge. Think similar happened when I idn’t get enough sleep in Saas Fee. I don’t like how I feel sometimes. I feel out of control of my emotions. Also think it was becuase we were leaving Rotterdam and Christina’s flat after a relaxed stay.

Packed last few things. Knee feeling a bit better. Gave Christina her Union Jack knickers. Think she found it amusing! Packed bikes and headed for Centraal station. Said our goodbyes outside flat. Couldn't buy tickets from machine so went to ticket office. Waited for trains and got on one with bikes but told to get off. Went to ask for bike info and found out we had to pay €6.50 for each bike! Hat to go and get money out of cash machine. Took about 1/2 an hour all together. (Had to carry bikes up stairs — hurt knee.) Got on train to Amsterdam + read most of journey on top deck. Very nice weather. At station went to tourist info and bought a map. Cycled to where we thought camp site was and found it. Surrounded by water. Bridge overhead. Carried bikes down. Lots of ducks. Ate couscous, tuna, sweetcorn + spicy tom sauce for lunch. Ducks ate leftovers. Lazed around reading for a while. Still v tired. Cycled into centre. Remembered my way around. Walked down street I bought inside-out top from after locking bike up at Dam Sq. Went to sex museum — still as funny as last time! Mood much better now. Continued walking around town. So many beautiful women! 4 blondes at 1 table in MacDonald — OMG!! Can’t believe how many McDonalds are out here but no fat people! Visited phone shop to ask about sim card. Also asked about supermarket and directed to big one behind palace. So so so many stunning women. Bought food for dinner + breakfast + snack. Ate fruit and honey waffles in Dam Sq. before cycling back to camp. Cooked sausage casserole. Very tasty. Fed ducks. Hit some on head and spat waffle from my mouth into another Ducks mouth! Did dishes and went for a pint in bar. Played two games of pool. 1 normal and 1 indirect. Sat at table and I’m now writing my diary. Might go on internet or straight to bed. Matt went to bed 10 mins ago.

Went and used net in the end. Had email from mum and replied.

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