Day 8: Amsterdam

Saturday 13 June 2009 / Rest day

Didn't set an alarm as phone battery nearly dead. Campsite very noisy at night and in morning. Quite cold again. Got up at about 9.30. Ate new muselli. Mat fed ducks to try and get them into the tent whilst I was still in there. Didn’t rush to get ready. Very warm + lovely weather. Adjusted breaks on bike. Cycled into centre — Museum Plein. Took pics in ‘I Am’sterdam sign. Only got ‘terd’ in some pics. Running joke of ‘tard’ for retard. ‘Tard Gard’. Got a coffee-confusing ordering as they didn’t get why we specified white of black coffee. Cycled round corner to Van Gough museum but queue was big and price was a lot. Decided to try and find Heineken Experience instead. Cost €15 and while we tried to decide if it was worth it a Boom Chicago tout came and offered us a free ‘Boom guide to Amsterdam’. We asked about the tour and also bought tickets for Boom Chicago for the 10.30 performance. Got cash and went back to Heiny exp. Lots of fun. Massive amount of advertising. Almost like being brainwashed. Got a free drink after ‘bottle ride’ with water, fans and heaters. Supposedly lots of reasons for the big head on beers… I’m not so sure. Tried writing rude words on the bottle engraving program. Bond adverts. Met and chatted with two Americans in the bar at the end. Two more free drinks each. Tiny top in shop. Cycled off for lunch. Already about 3. Asked in Marriott for supermaket + given map + directions. Found supermarket which was amazing. Lots of organic food and very nice produce. All veg in wooden crates for display. Ate loads of testers. Pesto amazing. Talked to girl at cheese counter. Bought fruit, humus, pate, bread + beers. Cycled to Vondlepark and say by pond. American girls sat nearby. Fed pate and bread to ducks. Pidgeons ate lots of pate. Headed for supermarket behind palace and bought chicken + stroopwaffels. 2 more beers too. Cycled back to camp. Read for a little while when Matt showered then I showered. Got stuck talking to French guy cycling on his own from Paris to Denmark and then around Iceland. Matt was cooking pasta + pesto. Another great meal. I washed up. Chatted to german student. Tidyed camp and headed back to town. Tried to find red light district but failed. Managed to find Boom Chicago + lock up bikes. Very funny. Picked on people for audience participation. Spoke to a couple of americans next to us. Again a day full of stunning women which made me feel shit about my chances of ever meeting someone who’ll be interested in me. Cycled back to camp.

Took knee bandage off today but knee has got worse. Especially in Boom. Getting me down. Don’t want to have to finish trip early or get surgery etc. Feeling frustrated — want to smash lightbulb or something like in Saas Fee. Very late now — almost 2. Need bed.