Day 0 — Panama City Beach

It’s been almost a week since graduation and the congratulations are still rolling in. I’ve spent the last week buying tons of stuff of Amazon, trying new looks, and packing things for my month long trip into Europe.

For a quick second, let’s talk about this awesome profile picture got over 200 likes #SwagasaurusRex

Now as far as this blog goes, I’m going to try and write everyday (at least a couple sentences or so). It should be packed with stories, pictures, and timeless memories. I’m traveling with an old friend (we met five years ago at science camp) of mine, Vinay Madhu, and my best friend all throughout undergrad Shashank Golla. We don’t have too much planned yet, I’m just ready for fun cultural exploration and chillin with my boys. Backpack has clothes for a week, books beyond belief, and a first aid kit just in case.

Flight to London is tomorrow morning so I’ll try to write again tomorrow night.

So long FSU, Europe here I come!

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