Day 20 — Berlin (1)

We got into Berlin bright and early straight at our hostel ( it was a little tricky to find it, but once we found the Generator Hostel we were quite impressed.) This place had a dope common area with tons of games, ping pong and activities for the guests staying at there. After dropping our stuff off in the luggage room we went into the city. Jaldhi had actually been to the city before on a field trip in one of her study abroad classes so she gave a nice morning tour of the city. Berlin is a very new city ( having most of it destroyed in the second world war) with the best train station and city centers I’ve seen in all of Europe.

I had the best waffle in the world at the train station!!

Jaldhi led us to this interesting Holocaust memorial for the Jews killed during WWII that is completely integrated into the city. There are 2711 concrete slabs with varrying heights and sizes. Although there is no explicit explanation provided by the architect, Shashank provided a good analysis in which as you see the passage of light/hope. As you enter you can see light ( over the lower slabs) but as you go further into the square you loose track of light almost to the point of feeling lost until you reach the end where you can breathe easily once agan. It may not be the “correct” analysis but I strongly agree with it.

No picture can really capture ‘light’ and ‘hope’ so I definitely recommend going to this memorial if you can.

After a few areas we ran into a SANDEMAN’s Free walking tour that we did in Barcelona so we hopped along. It was quite boring tbh, there is so much history in the town concerning WWII which is awesome but maybe the tour guide was just not my flavor.

We did get to see the Berlin wall ( below) which was definitely a let down. After the tour we found a couple of tourist shops and a special shop known as the Ampelmann shop:

I’ll expand in the last post, but this store brought up a little phenomenon that we have been obsessed with the whole trip — the signal that indicates you are allowed to walk( or green man as we liked to call it). Every country has a different sign whether he looks happy/sad/constipated it’s normally green for go and red for stop. I think it’s a LITTTTLE racist that America is the only place in the world that has a white man for go.

( Inset joke about Creed from the office noticing white man on bathrooms:

Berlin is internationally famous for having a ‘green man’ that looks extremely happy with flailing hands hahah. I enjoyed the store so much I bought a little passport pouch thing and tried to imitate the green man ( but I know it was a fail)

After the tour we eat at a nice Indian restaurant that gives a lunch for about 9 euros a person. The waiter/manager/owner had a very striking resemblance to my dada (grandfather) so the lunch was a little extra special for me. After lunch we all went back to the hostel and I had the best shower of my life ( after all those days travelling around without a real shower my body really needed to be cleansed.) It was then around 4pm. We told ourselves to wake up around 6pm and go to a Holocaust museum (Topography of Terror) that seemed really interested. Well… we woke up at 11pm. There was a whole debate about what should have been done ( Shashank right before the nap said to not wake him up. I woke up at 6pm and decided not to wake him up and go back to sleep. Jaldhi also was up but didn’t do anything. Vinay was out the whole time. Shashank claims he was joking. Jaldhi and I asked how we were supposed to know that?? Anyways the best part of this whole thing is Jaldhi’s attempts to wake up Vinay. She tried setting an alarm and put the phone next to his face — but nothing happened. The three boys were confused as to why she thought this was a good idea/why didn’t she just shake him??)

We ended up looking up things we wanted to do in Paris and Amsterdam for some time. Vinay , Shashank, and I went out for some food around 2am only to find a handful of kabob places, a very sketchy club where the bouncer was an old lady that was not convincing at all, and a cold walk home.


Morning tour, Nice Lunch, Green man, slept all afternoon =/

More Pictures

That’s the Berlin wall. Exciting huh? That’s Vinay on top and me and the bottom.

I saw this list of words outside on a store.

I don’t know why but they really spoke to me

— more or less how I like to live my life I guess.

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