Day 22 — Amsterdam (2)

We left Ivan’s place around 9am in the morning to go to the Rijksmuseum ( a wonderful culmination of Natural History from the Netherlands). This place was a freaking maze, with many floors and passageways showing you interesting artifacts. I enjoyed the religions study setting on the first floor that included a great background on popular religions like Christianity but also provided some antique pieces from Hinduism and Buddhism.

I enjoyed the artwork around the museum by myself for about 3 hours because I lost Jaldhi and Shashank in the first 10 minutes, but after getting a selfie with Van Gogh I was donezo. I definitely recommend going here if you have the time — great history museum that shows you art of all kinds.

I also enjoyed a large piece on the naval history of Holland.


We ate at Wok to Walk for lunch where Vinay met us. We walked into the

Bulldog coffee shop but decided to come back later. Shashank and I decided to go to the Heineken museum ( one of my favorite beers). I found it very fun and interactive compared to the Coors brewery I went to in Denver. The museum includes a historical background on how Heinekein came to be ( it’s been a family business since day one)

We learned about Barley/water/their special Yeast strain. And because Shashank and I were good student’s, we both got an extra beer from answering questions! At the end we got two beers that come along with the tour fee and you can take a bunch of silly photos/videos to send to yourself of friends. We got an extra beer by standing by the bar and doing some highjinx. So we ended up getting 4 beers and a tour for 18 euros — not bad!

After the tour, we met back up with Jaldhi and Vinay to go on this canal tour. As I have expressed many times, I enjoy the water. We took plenty of selfies and then Vinay and I head to the back of the boat to get a better view without the glass. It’s such a nice and peaceful town. Maybe I enjoyed the tour because I was four beers in, but I like to think I would have loved it regardless.

After the nice canal tour, we went to eat dinner at a place Vinay had already eaten twice. We met up with Shashank’s sister, Shalini, and some of her med school friends that did a spotaneous after medical school graduation trip. I spent most of the dinner talking to Shalini’s friend Sheldon who recently matched in Psychiatry on how to make bank as a research psychiatrist. I told him to hit me up if he ever wants me to manage his practice. Dinner ended up being a two hour project so we were forced to skip out on the red light district and the infamous coffee shops =/. Jaldhi, Shashank, and I rushed to Ivan’s place to get our bags ( taking the same illegal train). This time we were not as lucky as almost got fined a bunch of money for having the wrong ticket. The ticket inspector allowed us to get off at the next stop, where we caught a bus to Ivans place. I felt bad for just picking up our bags at Ivan’s and then leaving, but its just another reason to see him again. We met up with Vinay at the bus terminal only to have difficulties finding our bus. Long story short, we got on the bus and we were off to Paris.


Rijksmuseum, Wok2Walk, Heineken, Ferry, Nice Dinner with friend

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