Day 5 — Barcelona (3)

Our final day in Barcelona was very relaxing. We started off the day going to the same coffee shop I gone the day before by myself (getting the same wonderful cafe con leche and croissant). We walked over to this bike place suggested by Jaldhi (you’ll hear much more about her later)

We originally planned to head over to the beach with the bikes and come back within 2 hours, but more or less we fell in love with the beach ( fun fact the sand in Barcelona is actually imported from Egypt). We laid down on sand for a solid two hours before taking a very quick swim in the freezing Mediterranean waters. We hopped back onto the bikes and biked along the coastline until we found a nice/cheap place to eat lunch. (Fishburger was dope).

We rushed to the Sangrada Familia which is known as a giant Cathedral that started being built in 1898 and still is not finished yet.. It was the most amazing architectural work I have ever witnessed (including the Taj Mahal). Our pictures do not do any justice of how genius this work is.

Gaudi was with the main architect who worked on the first portions of the Cathedral is basically the God of architecture in Catalonia. He is known for using an organic architecture that involves tons of nature in his works.

My favorite were the immensely large columns that break into smaller columns at the top (making them look like a tree). Gaudi believed worship should reflect solitude and a connection with God, almost like praying in a forest. If you look up at the, his vision was so elegantly portrayed. Every room I was saying oh my gaudi (like omg). (Selfie of a selfie of a selfie with Gaudi)

I paid an extra four euros to go up to the to of one of the towers which Vinay and Shashank decided to stay below. The view was quite nice, not spectacular but I think it was worth it.

We had a nice bike ride home, going further along the coastline. After we returned the bikes, we found a small shack selling Indian food at a great cost which hit the spot like no other.

After quickly getting ready we went to a bar to meet up with one of Vinays friends who is studying abroad from the semifinal match of Barcelona vs Bayern Munich game. It was an amazing atmosphere to be there while Barcelona advanced to the final. We got back to hostel and went to a club on the beach. The music was quite good and it was different going to a night club in another city. We left around 3am regretting our 6:30am departure for our train.


Bikes around the city, beach, best Cathedral Vinay has seen, Barcelona game, Beach Night club

Barcelona Conclusion

Biking around the city was a clutch idea. It made transportation much easier with bike paths all over the city. Our visit of Barcelona: Parc Guel (view from above) , walking guide and Camp Nuo(city culture perspective) , and bikes and Sagrada Familia (Transit within and appreciation of beauty) is coming to a close. After the club the three of us looked out at the water for about twenty minutes discussing how/when we would love to come back to this amazing city. With Barcelona conquered, we move on to France!

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