Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu- An insider’s view of the global cannabis industry

Author Discussion: My new book about the first German cannabis tender bid sheds light on a process that will begin to become more standardized across Europe

When I first decided to participate in the cannabis industry, as journalist and entrepreneur, I had just moved to Germany in 2013. Indeed, it was one of my main motivations for moving here — apart from reclaiming my citizenship. The idea of justice denied if not delayed for me, and other German Jews, both of the Holocaust era and their descendants who were refused, almost flatly and universally, citizenship again after the war, and the issue of cannabis reform, are very similar. Even historically. The Nazi party banned research into the plant (ditching cannabinoids for amphetamines).

Indeed, during the first round of the first tender, which went down in flames in a court in Düsseldorf, all German firms were banned from participating in the bid.

That was also an odd historical twist to all of this. Not to mention that all Israeli firms were banned too (by an agreement between U.S. President Donald Trump and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.)

Indeed, it is no accident that the first firm to announce their decision to enter the now imminent French trial is an Israeli firm, partnered with a European one.

And how much the world has changed. Indeed when I was writing the first instalment of the series, from Dortmund, the local police even heard that I was writing about the industry and came to question me about the same.

A Look Inside The Book

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

For a small taste of the book for free you can find excerpts online — as well as initial reviews, and can read the first pages of the book — available from online retailers.

There is not, so far, a similar series of books on the market. While there are lots of grower’s guides and cookbooks, there are no other accounts of how the industry functions on a regular basis — and why.

From the beginning, as I wrote my first book (Green: The First 12 Months of Modern American Marijuana Reform), I also wanted to give readers a sense of how much the issues of reform are tied up in other burning social and economic issues. Not to mention give a portrait of an incredibly fascinating, highly volatile entrepreneurial space as it challenged the status quo.

Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu, now available for sale, is the second chapter of that story. Indeed as France begins to see companies align themselves for competitive positions to obtain the first national medical trial tender bid in France (now pending for the spring of 2021), the German experience is a fascinating perspective if not trial run that will serve as the model for everything and every other European country to come. Indeed, the bid and resulting industry that it caused, is directly responsible for forcing at least Europe, if not countries far beyond the same, for the first time, to come to grips with scientific reality that will not be deferred anymore by the stigmas of junk science and the Drug War.

The driving plot behind Green II is an insider’s account of the events in Germany leading up the awarding of the first tender bid to cultivate cannabis and integrate it into the health care system. But of course it is far more than that.

Entrepreneurial Derring Do

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash

One of the most fascinating part of the industry is its entrepreneurs. I say that not just because I am also one, but because of the people I meet and at this point, many of my colleagues. Even those who are employed at ostensibly established companies have to understand that this is still an industry that defies the rules if not the status quo on a regular basis. Indeed, much of the regulatory battles so far and yet to come are centred on the idea that this plant “should” fit into pre-existing regulations and rules, largely formulated as the established pharmaceutical industry was first established (the 20th Century).

Industry Issues And Problems

Photo by Next Green Wave on Unsplash

Many people have asked me why I wrote the book, especially as I offer an unflinching analysis of how the largest Canadian pot companies even got into the industry as well as the problems all of them faced abroad in Europe. But my intent was not to cast “blame” or even single out one company or even country but rather to look at the melee they had entered if not help create. The German government’s flip-flopping and (frankly) blundering on the entire issue (not to mention the obscene deal made between Trump and Netanyahu) managed to exclude not only German firms from the tender but also Israeli ones, and ended up styming the entire debate internationally as Canadian firms bled money (indeed the bid bankrupted at least one firm).

Regulation is another big issue I also address, as well as the many failures and gaps in classification that have already entered the entire debate. It is almost impossible, for example, except in a testing lab, for authorities to distinguish between the different varieties and THC contents of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

Sheer Entertainment and General Cannabis Education

Photo by Girl with red hat on Unsplash

Beyond anything else, however, I also wanted the book to be entertaining, informative, and even educational about an industry I will spend the rest of my life in. I wanted people to understand that motivation — as a woman, as an entrepreneur, as a patient, and further as an immigrant back to a country that has been a part of my life since I first learned about my father’s homeland. I also wanted people far outside the industry to be able to understand some of the most basic aspects about it — and how cannabis reform affects other major issues.

Starting with starring in any presumably global green new deal discussions post Covid.

I hope that patient groups and other entities also reach out to me now as affiliates to help sell and promote the book (distributed globally on most major online book selling platforms), because they can also use the book as a fundraising tactic as well as educational tool. See the Smashwords Affiliate Program.

Take a look inside the book now. It is a perfect, Covid-safe holiday present.

Cannabis Über Alles — books 1 and 2 of the series, including the newly published Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu, is now available for sale from Smashwords as well as global online retailers. English language only (for now)




Ongoing reporting from the field about the evolving world of cannabinoids

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Marguerite has covered the legal cannabis industry internationally from Germany for over six years and is the author of several books plus a Cannatech geek

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