ECB Wallet Device — Keep your Cryptocurrencies safe with the New Archos Partnership

This wallet provides secure management and storage of crypto-active, safe from cyber threats:

  •  Identification by PIN
  •  Offline private key generation
  •  Management of operations on the device, offline
  •  On-screen display of information about each transaction for an easy verification before approval
  •  Physical authorization with buttons
  •  Creation of a recovery code (consisting of 24 words), essential in case of breakage, loss or theft
  •  Support for ECB and major cryptocurrencies
  •  Compatibility with Electrum, GreenAddress / Greenbits, MyCrypto and Mycelium

In addition to these functionalities, ARCHOS will also provide all of the EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK’s multilingual platform services, accessible at the end of its ICO as of May 1, 2018: portfolio statements, research notes, investment advice, conversion of crypto-assets into traditional currencies and generation of corresponding tax declarations according to the various regulations in effect in Europe.

ARCHOS and the EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK join forces to facilitate access to Blockchain’s cryptocurrencies, products and services, by the greatest number, whatever the level of experience, in the respect for the rules established taxes.

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