Wealth Management

What is a Wealthy Customer for us? Each person with a minimum value in CryptoCurrencies and Token over GBP 10 000. Why are we different than others Wealth Managers? Because we believe a Crypto portfolio over GBP 10 000 is a portfolio with a huge potential, either for you, or for us.

Most of the times, Wealth Management is associated with investing client’s money into different kind of assets, but it is also a matter of fiscal optimization and reporting the customer’s wealth to the Fiscal Authority: we are at your side, in order to support and advise you as to respect the current local regulations, that are related to your cryptocurrencies portfolios.

European Crypto Bank has developed an automated application for a personalized approach in the Wealth Management. By the Wealth Management automatization tools, Eurocryptobank allows to reach the largest number of customers, by providing some personalized, guaranteed services, on the Cryptocurrencies Market.

Developing a genuine portfolio management strategy based on both private and professional assets, taking into account the future investment on crypto currencies and the life plans of our clients.

In order to reach these goals, European Crypto Bank Pre-ICO Token sale starts on the 1st of February 2018 to the 15th of January 201, with a bonus stage of 35%. The ICO starts on the 16th of February 2018.