Collaborating for Change: How to Increase the Impact of Cross-Border Data Journalism

Lindsay Green-Barber (Impact Architects)

OBC Transeuropa
Dec 4, 2019 · 4 min read

A few weeks ago, we asked Lindsay Green-Barber to animate a webinar for EDJNet’s members and partners. She helped us think about the impact of our work and possible ways to increase it — both for EDJNet itself and for European data journalism more in general. Here Lindsay shares some of her thoughts.

Lindsay Green-Barber

What we mean when we say impact

Media Impact Model (Impact Architects)

Data interactives → Individuals

Data interactives → Media amplification → Institutions

Data stories → Networks → Institutions

Data stories → Institutions

Content → Media amplification → General public → Institutions

Content → Individuals

From impact to strategy

How to experiment further

European Data Journalism Network

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