Introducing…Euston Green Link!

Drumroll please…We are launching a green walking route between Euston Station and Regents Park over the next year! We are celebrating the wonderful array of businesses on Drummond Street, using innovative public art and green infrastructure in an effort to create an attractive, beautiful public realm.

With the onset of HS2 developments, Euston faces many years under construction with hoarding, building sites and vehicles cluttering the streets. Our remit as a BID is to represent the interests of businesses in Euston as the area faces massive changes. We are therefore addressing three main areas of focus; uncovering and protecting Euston’s identity, reacting to the air quality emergency the area faces, and creating a fantastic opportunity from the HS2 project.

We decided that creating a ‘Green Link’ between Regents Park and Euston Station was a way to address our three areas of focus. We would be uncovering and presenting a vital identity in Euston, helping businesses not just to survive but to thrive amongst the project, and encouraging the use of a lower-exposure walking route whilst sparking conversation about climate change. This will, in turn, benefit local businesses, residents and employees. There is a wealth of history steeped in this place and as is the case so often, it is not celebrated and promoted…Yet. This project will look to the future, be inspired by the present and appreciate the past.

Key aspects of the project:

Design and Streetscape

We’ve enlisted design agency startup Bolter Design (a member of our coworking space, Camden Collective) to take a holistic view of the entire route and create a set of proposals for our green walking link. These ideas include painting pavements, modular seating and public installations.


We are working with Bolter Design to introduce signage that distinguishes between the different ‘zones’ of each section of the route, identifying what can be found there. Signage and destinations that lead to the park will invite everyone and anyone to enjoy this incredible space.


Cityscapes UK and their contractors are identifying opportunities for bright, exciting planting schemes, green living walls, a green walkway flanked by planters and opening up an existing green space. Implementing green and creative projects- from pocket parks with seating areas to subtle planting schemes- will create a labyrinth of destinations within Euston, and give visitors a reason to explore.

Public Art

The BID is developing a public arts strategy, enabling us to follow a set procedure in appointing artists which includes community engagement and ensures that art we propose and install has longevity and relevance to the area. For this project, the art should stay true to local culture, encourage a positive and forward-thinking attitude and always have an underpinned theme linked to sustainability, climate change and pollution.

Let us know your ideas and please get in touch if you would like to organise volunteer planting and greening days.

Over the next month we will release a further breakdown of the project…Stay tuned for more details!