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Thomas Mueller
May 6, 2019 · 5 min read

The internet has completely changed the world and it is impossible to imagine our lives without it. Web 2.0 services — they entertain us, simplify social contacts, provide us with information and help us to manage our everyday life and, in most cases, are an indispensable part of our professional environment. But in today's internet, we have become products ourselves — we pay with our data to a few providers, who create more and more addiction with each new service they offer — in this spiral, we have been trapped for years. The economic value is concentrated mostly on a few well-known companies, which gain more and more power and determine entire markets.

What has long been a fact in private life is still being tried to prevent in business. Companies that are asked about their competitors still name the business around the corner today — but the actual competition has long ago ceased to come from their own industry. The biggest competitor comes from the web and is called Google, Amazon or UBER — the more data these companies can accumulate and evaluate, the better they can control and influence value creation flows in companies, industries, and entire regions. The classic business owner becomes the assistant of a globally-orchestrated added value of the Web 2.0 giants.

Today, companies are faced with the choice of having a niche existence under the radar of big players or becoming a gear in the gearbox of Web 2.0 dominators — externally driven and externally controlled.

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It is the right time for a new platform era!

But just because today the answer to the questions of digitization and automation lies in the use of central platforms, it does not mean that this answer is the only one that is correct.

When we talk about the next generation internet, we speak of empowering people to control their own information and limit the power of central platforms and monopolies. And if we focus on what this means for businesses, we end up at independent, self-determined entrepreneurship in the digital age. We talk about cooperation at eye level, automated cross-company processes, and autonomous business models.

We are talking about the industrial internet of things with self-determination about identities, data and business relationships.

For the first time, Blockchain allows to make digital documents indelible and simultaneously shareable between different parties. This means that one can trust the authenticity of the data transferred in the course of a transaction and does not have to trust the operator of the platform who carries out a business transaction.

While more and more Blockchain-based applications are being developed in the private environment, adaptation in the business environment is still hesitant. makes Blockchain business-ready!

Our vision is to make the advantages of next generation internet usable for every business. Every company should be able to operate digitally and efficiently in a dynamic network of partners and customers.

With resources are to become easily shareable between business partners. Companies jointly create products and services to offer a higher value to their customers. Our mission is to digitize and automate all operational processes around shared products, paving the way for autonomous business models for companies of all sizes.

With, we provide an open Blockchain based system that is available for developers, entrepreneurs and companies, ready to build their own decentralized business models.

On the one hand, is a public Blockchain infrastructure dedicated to the purpose of industrial internet of things use cases. Products like machines can easily be equipped with digital twins, which are digital representations of the product. With these digital twins, products become fully integrated participants of digitally executed processes and interact with each other autonomously. Furthermore, the interaction between products and humans can be digitized and executed in an automated and tamper-proof way. Using the principles of Blockchain technology, this is possible by maintaining full sovereignty over one’s data, identities and assets.

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Digital Twins — Secure data exchange and digital transactions for physical products

To bring the benefits of decentralization in every business and make Blockchain easy to use, we focus on three main areas:

Easily equip your goods with digital twins provides all the required tools to equip your real-world good with a digital twin. The product is made digitally available and associated information can be stored and exchanged tamper-proof. You can define templates for goods of various kinds. Users can combine metadata and file store structures to describe a concrete digital representation of a specific product. The elements of a digital twin can be filled via business processes over the lifetime of the physical good. The data contained in the digital twin is stored encrypted, controlled by the data-owner. The owner can decide with whom which data of the digital twin will be shared and who has the right to add and modify data. The Blockchain component of ensures that there is always a complete and tamper-proof transaction-log, so it is traceable which changes to the data were caused by whom.

Let’s digitize all operational processes by using digital twins

The offers tool sets to easily digitize all the processes you need for cooperation. So, for instance, you can

  • Build UI-centric working-agreements and digital contracts including tasks and conditions for each party attending the process
  • Provide identities for all actors like humans and corporations as the foundation for a digitized business relationship
  • Verification of users, companies and digital twins for trustful business relationships
  • Seamless integration into your existing process and IT-landscape

Providing a neutral operating platform

The failings of traditional central platforms is our motivation to build a completely new operational structure. The unique organizational structure of the is built on trust and is inspired by the core principles of a Blockchain. The Evan Network Organization as the governance body of the comprises a network of interdependent node operators who work together to run and control the network while pursuing their own business goals. This decentralized structure ensures the network’s neutrality and independence and makes it usable for a large number of businesses from various industries.

With the concept of decentralization in mind and the available, we build a new way to cooperate digitally and efficiently without becoming dependent on central intermediaries. You can be part of it and become a member of the

the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

Thanks to Jasmin Weber and Thomas Herbst

Thomas Mueller

Written by

CEO and cofounder of evan, the company building the Passionate in decentralization and a sharing economy based on blockchain technology.

the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

Thomas Mueller

Written by

CEO and cofounder of evan, the company building the Passionate in decentralization and a sharing economy based on blockchain technology.

the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

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