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Thomas Mueller
Sep 12 · 4 min read

Last weekend (September 6th to 9th, 2019), people interested in Blockchain came together to think, code and have fun at the Proof of Moin Hackathon, Hamburg’s first “Community Focused Hackathon”. The event was hosted by Blockchain Mania and supported by two Tech-Sponsors, BEAM and the, as well as further sponsors.

Naturally, we were particularly curious about the solutions realized on the How did the Hackathon go and who were the winners? Here comes our little review.

On the weekend, six teams with mentors from the Tech-Stack-Partners worked on topics from such areas as “Government & Society”, “Personal Data” and “Supply Chain Management”. Sebastian and Karl from evan GmbH also were there to support and help the participants in their work on the The hackathon was primarily aimed at the developers with no previous blockchain experience. After an introduction on Friday, they had two days to achieve the concrete results. With the usual complexity of blockchain technology in mind, we knew that it was a real challenge. Also, we were eager to find out whether our goal of reducing the blockchain technology’s complexity and making use cases easy to realize can work in practice.

First of all: The answer is yes! We were impressed by the developers’ enthusiasm and the maturity of solutions that were presented to us after only two hacking days. Today we want to share some information about the winning teams.

The winners

1st place — Team Aviation with the project “Daedalus”

Source: Blockchain Mania


In short: Manage airplanes and keep track of needed maintenance.

The solution: The team of five has tackled the problem of aircraft maintenance. Different components of an airplane have to be monitored at different maintenance intervals so that the entire aircraft can receive maintenance approval at the end. This problem is very practical, because not only is the maintenance of the various components carried out at different times, it is also completed by different maintenance companies. The solution implemented during the Hackathon included a digital twin assignment to each aircraft component which that could be used for the individual maintenance documentation. The digital twin of the aircraft itself references all the component twins and is, therefore, able to check if all the components are properly maintained. Take-Off permission can thus be granted only then when the maintenance work has been fully completed.


2nd place — Team Magic with the project “ENCQUACS”

Source: Blockchain Mania


In short: Crypto QUArtet Card Game.

The solution: How about creating a quartet game that revolves around cryptocurrencies? This is exactly what Team Magic did with their ENCQUACS project. ENCQUACS stands for the “ crypto quartet card game”. The team has developed a three-dimensional User Interface for playing quartets as well as a game logic based on Smart Contracts. Each new game receives a digital twin. All cards function as reusable components and are all referenced in the digital twin of the game. A “Game Master” account monitors the individual moves. This account uses the during the creation of the security and privacy features in order to secure the moves and at the same time provide the players with the necessary information. This way, the players can see the card data but are not able to change it themselves.


3nd place — Team Stokr with the project “DAuth”

Source: Blockchain Mania


In short: Decentralized authentication using digital asserts, includes a POC, VPN implementation.

The solution: This team has created a decentralized authentication system based on the As an example application, a prototype of a VPN was implemented, where the clients authenticate themselves to the server with their private key. The VPN then validates on whether this is a trusted client account and, if it is, plays out the requested data to the user.


Our conclusion

The Proof of Moin Hackathon shows that interest in blockchain solutions is very high in a wide variety of industries. It becomes extremely relevant to developers and companies to learn, how this technology can be used in the context of real-world applications. Thanks to business frameworks like the, even developers without prior blockchain experience are now able to create end-to-end results in the shortest time possible and integrate the trust-building technology into the real-world use cases.

We want to thank the Blockchain Mania’ Orga Team for organizing this great hackathon with such enthusiasm over the last months. Also, we want to thank all the participants for their feedback and experience in working and hacking with the

We are already looking forward to the next Proof of Moin Hack!

Thomas Mueller

Written by

CEO and cofounder of evan, the company building the Passionate in decentralization and a sharing economy based on blockchain technology.

the blockchain for digital twins and business transactions

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