How the independence of from evan GmbH is guaranteed

Thomas Mueller
Oct 1, 2019 · 5 min read

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The evan GmbH as initiator of the network is the driving force of the Besides the development of the open-source network software, evan GmbH coordinates the development and establishment of the network infrastructure. However, the operation itself is 100% neutral and therefore represents an alternative to centrally operated platforms. In the, companies can cooperate digitally and trustingly without becoming dependent on a platform or a company.

The following factors guarantee the independence of from evan GmbH:

  • The existence and the availability of the do not depend on the existence of a single partner of the network and thus also not on the evan GmbH
  • The evan network ist already technically operated by several independant companies
  • The is controlled by a governance organization, the e.n.o. ( organization), which connects all node operators and integrates them into the network operation
  • The underlying software is open source and protects from a possible platform lock-in
  • The purchase of EVE-Token, which serve as vouchers for the use of network services, works automatically, without the intervention of evan GmbH
  • The EVE-Token itself is price-stable by definition, allowing users to plan securely.

In the following, the independence of from evan GmbH, the initiator of the network, is discussed in more detail.

The and the evan GmbH

The evan GmbH as the initiator of the network is the driving force of the Besides the development of the open-source network software, evan GmbH coordinates the development and establishment of the network infrastructure. The network is operated by independent companies, the so-called node operators. These companies are the stakeholders of the network and are organized as such in the organization (e.n.o.). The e.n.o. is thus the organizational counterpart of the technical network structures and guarantees the permanent function, security and integrity of the network.

evan GmbH is a member of this organization. It currently has an administrative position within the e.n.o. and thus has specific statutory rights. The background for this is mainly the function as an intermediate protective shield, since all possible obligations from the rights of use relationships are taken over by evan GmbH alone. Nevertheless, the goal is pursued, that at a later time the e.n.o. exists without the evan GmbH and that the acts independently.

Independence through the licensing model

The license forms of the source code of the infrastructure are often an essential dependency factor. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of independence, these sources must be open so that they can be verified and used by all parties involved.

The source code of the platform components is published under open source licenses and thus ensures the independence of the network members from evan GmbH as initiator and author.

Legal and organizational independence

One of the essential added values of the as a business platform is the common and equal decision-making ability of the network members in the e.n.o. The decisions are made by the stakeholders of the network based on democratic principles. The e.n.o is thus one of the first marketable organizations to enable the legally compliant and neutral operation of a blockchain-based infrastructure for businesses.

The legal framework of the has been chosen in a way that the norms and regulations can only be changed by the organs of the e.n.o. according to the statutory agreement. This applies in particular to the choice of legal form, the rules of procedure and the organization's statutes.

Such a network needs an initiator in order to enter the working mode at all. Until the various network members have agreed on standards and legal arrangements, external contractual relationships with a legal entity are required. The evan GmbH initially functions as an intermediate protective shield for the node operators, whereby the legal risks of these are minimized. So far, the legal agreements with third parties have been concluded with evan GmbH. This applies in particular to data protection agreements, usage agreements, contracts with payment service providers and server-side security software. There is no other way to initiate such a network, as e.n.o. must first establish its internal organization and network operations before it can participate in external legal transactions. These dependencies will be resolved first on the basis of the roadmap for the further development of the e.n.o. Its premise is a network organization that is capable of operative actions.

Technological independence

Every operating environment has an operator, which also applies to decentralized infrastructures. As far as possible, the operation should be independent of a single company.

With blockchain and DLT infrastructures, a distinction is usually made between public blockchains and private chains. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual business forms for companies and B2B networks have already been discussed in detail in this blog.

For the, we decided to use only approved and known nodes as network operators. At the same time, however, the option to become a node is open to any company that meets the applicable criteria. Participation and withdrawal can take place at any time, subject to compliance with the terms. As long as at least one node exists, the is functional.

With regard to network operations, important operational support tasks such as monitoring, carrying out updates, and allowing nodes can be performed by one or more operational organizations. The responsibility for this is anchored in the e.n.o, which can assign an operating partner to perform operations. Today, all necessary operational tasks are fulfilled by the evan GmbH. With the increasing operational capability of the e.n.o. individual tasks can be transferred on third parties.

Financial independence

The charges transaction fees for writing transactions. On the one hand, these fees are used to ensure the governance organization and the operation of the network. A further fixed percentage of the transaction fee is paid to evan GmbH for the development work on the network. This amount is legally as well as technically secured and cannot be changed. The e.n.o. and thus all partners and users of the network get a stable, secure, structured and technically mature network at their disposal.


As of today, there are still dependencies on evan GmbH, which will be gradually dissolved in order to achieve complete neutrality. The background of the dependencies are on the one hand the activities connected with the role as initiators for the establishment of a stable infrastructure as well as the legal and technical protective shield function of the evan GmbH. All dependencies are disclosed in detail to the potential stakeholders and provided with a clear roadmap for their elimination. Due to the pursued open source strategy, there is no hard lock-in effect for the partners and users of the network at any time.
The most important milestone is creating the e.n.o. that is capable of operative action and consists of strong node operators. Each node operator is encouraged to make its own contribution to the independent and neutral cooperation infrastructure. This way, the Economy of Things Stack that enables digital cooperation without creating dependencies, is established.

the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

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CEO and cofounder of evan, the company building the Passionate in decentralization and a sharing economy based on blockchain technology.

the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

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