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EVA AMA with CEO-Zhe Recap

Dear EVANESCO community:

We recently held an AMA with our CEO on Jan 11 in our official telegram group, focusing on questions from our community.

Here is the AMA Recap

Hi all community members, thank you very much for participating in today’s EVA Community AMA.

Today’s AMA is mainly divided into 2 parts. In the first part, EVA CEO ZHE will answer the 5 most concerned questions we collected from the community before and the second part will be the live questions session, where community members can ask questions freely, and ZHE will select 3–5 of them to answer.

Please note that the community will be mute during the ZHE answering period.

ok, let’s start now, hi ZHE, please introduce yourself briefly

Hey, our community. I am Zhe, CEO of Evanesco.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo and I‘m the early preacher of the North American blockchain community.

I established Evanesco in Sep 2020, but I have been preparing for this for many years.


Great, let’s begin the first part , 5 questions from community submitted

Q1: who are the EVA mainnet validators? how to become validator?

Ok At the current stage, the EVA team holds the post of a validator. All rewards have been temporarily sent to the public address and won’t be used. The rewards will be sent to EVA Eco bonus pool.

We will hold a campaign for validators after launching the EVA MAinnet 2.0, also the candidates will be motivated by staking and other methods. The relevant instructions will be released later.


ok, look forward to seeing the proposal about validating campaign soon

next question

Q2: what is Eco and why it need separate distribution on the mining rewards?

As we said in our Whitepaper, the main reason to establish EVA ECO is to promote the ecological development of EVA and support ecological projects.

Also nowadays, we did support the first Grant mining pool project Beecastle.

Beecastle team’s mining model is really effective and helpful for our community members, that community members can receive everyday EVA earnings.

For more information about Beecastle: https://medium.com/@Beecastle-/beecastle-mining-eva-guide-mining-cost-analysis-946a01e5723d


Also, we will keep making ecological investments in GameFi privacy, Service privacy, and Computing privacy.

Good to say, few projects are in progress now.


yes, I also try this grant mining pool, much better than before , I used to mining few days without EVA tokens, that’s very helpful for community

next question maybe tough for you


Q3: why does the Eva Price keep dropping? Are the team selling them tokens?

It’s really bad, but I have to say Evanesco team never ever sold an EVA token, and we are always using our financing capital.

Based on the Economic model, recently the initial investors (Seed and Private round capitals )are unlocked. Our team will fully support more ecological applications to stabilize the price.

ETH network has minted 112,000,000 ERC20 EVA, of which 22,834,180 ERC20 EVA has been locked into the cross-chain contract.

The remaining ERC20 EVA for Investment Institutions has been locked into 0x1302ae1579658b9d497d48dc44df70a8c939554c, and will be linear unlocked in the next 10 months.

Also, there will be no new TGE in the future unless it increases the liquidity of cross-chain contracts. Community members are able to check EVA mainnet Token liquidity on Fortress or EVA explorer.


ok, next question is related with Q3, since you mentioned team never sold out eva tokens, to be more transparent, maybe show your addresses

Q4: Could EVA team share the team wallet address, validating address, cross-chain contract address with community?

Sure, why not

One Second

Team Wallet: 0xd7789c587c67d2d8eEa50B760c5926bA2932d00f

10% of the EVA team’s tokens won’t be unlocked and distributed to team members within 12 months after the EVA mainnet.

Validating Address: 0xe8f344b8cc2b57C621A8011FeC4A51D83D191adb

Address of the validator will not change. As mentioned above, the income of the validator will be used for the EVA ECO Bonus Pool.

Cross-Chain Address: 0x52c62b554B29443d207F95bDF3e80383C54Fa37F


ok, these three addresses will be on my watchlist 🙂

next question is about mining

I see

Q5 Whitepaper’s mining percentage was 40% at the early stage, why it turns to 80% now after mainnet launching?

We did the change based on miners’ suggestions during the testnet stage.

After considering the suggestions, we would like to increase the mining percentage, making the mining process more decentralized.

Also, we reduced the percentages of ECO and team to increase the community’s mining revenue.



thanks ZHE for your answering. Next, we will enter the live question section. The community members will have 2 minutes to speak freely and ask any questions.

Part 2

EVA’s technology plan?

EVA’s future technical direction is privacy computing, privacy-hosted service, and Evanesco mainnet V2.0 governance which will be delivered to Community in a proposal.

what’s the incentive to keep in the node?now, staking seems better than running nodes?

The high staked APY in the early stage is due to the subsidy provided by EVA foundation, and the APY will gradually return to a reasonable range. Due to upcoming computing power platforms and products, the expected and staked income will turn into a reasonable range.

I just had a question, when do you plan to start marketing Eva other than airdrops?

SO far, we are sure our EVA team will conduct an AMA at least once a Quarter in our community to answer community’s questions and synchronize the latest plans.

Thank you very much ZHE for sparing time to answer the community’s questions. In the future, as you mentioned,EVA will also hold a community AMA at least once a quarter to answer the community’s concerns, hope to see you soon

Happy to here with our community today, see you pretty soon.

EVA will also keep promoting the development of ecology and technology. Thank you all guys. here And the RECAP of this AMA will be released soon, if you miss this ama , you can read the recap details later.



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