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EVA Grant Project — Beecastle Mining Pool

Since its release, the EVA Global Co-Building Plan has attracted the attention and applications of worldwide EVA community enthusiasts, including blockchain development teams and NFT cooperation projects.

After carefully evaluating and screening all EVA Grant applications, EVA team has selected the Beecastle team’s beecastle.cc as EVA’s first Mining Pool. After Beecastle and EVA succeeded in reaching a consensus, the EVA team provided financial and technical support to the Beecastle team.

🍯 Finally, Beecastle has been officially launched by the joint effort of both parties.

🐝 Beecastle Core Features

  1. No Fee
  2. Import staked node address and connect to mine in the Mining Pool.
  3. Receive daily revenue from Mining Pool Income, which means you can mine EVA Mainnet Token every day.

🐝 Beecastle Home Page

🐝 Beecastle Mining Pool Account Manage

EVA team is here to appreciate the contribution of Beecastle to the EVA ecosystem. EVA team always welcomes our community members to join our Global Co-Building Plan, please refer to the link for more information: https://evanesco.org/Community.html



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