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Evanesco Monthly Report (2022 Jan)

Technology & Product

DAPP Layer


  1. Fix fake trades bug
  2. Optimize staking expire time


  1. The Fortress Vault based on Zero-Knowledge Proof is under final testing


  1. EVA mainnet 2.0 consensus and governance version is in process
  2. EVA Computing Platform architecture is under design.

Market Dynamics

1.11 EVA CEO — Zhe joined community AMA

Evanesco CEO — Zhe joined EVA community AMA, answered few question from our community, and released the upcoming plans that EVA’s future technical direction is privacy computing, privacy-hosted service, and Evanesco mainnet V2.0 governance which will be delivered to Community in a proposal.

1.11 Dev updated Fortress due to hacks and fake trades

Jan 10, 2022 Fortress Operating team discovered that eva.finance had suffered hacks and fake trades from Jan 7. The illegal user conducted fake Supplies 7,330,147 EVA through this bug, resulting in Fortress Supply reaching 12,149,343 EVA.

1.15 EVA team distributed Airdrop bonus for CMC x EVA Airdrop winners who hold 60 BSC EVA Token for 3 Months

Note that winners who hold 60 BSC EVA Token for 3 Months in the CMC x EVA Airdrop Campaign — Get 40 BSC EVA Token bonus

Adresses List: https://bit.ly/3Ft95sL

CMC x EVA Airdrop: https://bit.ly/3GxR4er

BSC BEP-20 EVA Contract address: 0x7c439f550bacd3aa592114878201e612dade93fc

1.25 EVA team distributed ‘Supply Airdrop’ rewards

Congratulate users who participated in the ‘Supply Airdrop’ event.

The airdrop has been distributed, please check your wallet.

Winner list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GQRmFU-Ldd83MHB6Twa1IEo0OBvcx-FccnhVbyGTCys/edit#gid=0

1.29 EVA team announced that they will launch EVA computing platform soon

EVA team will launch the Web3 decentralized EVA computing platform based on the unique Layer0 Network infrastructure, which providing stable, safe, timely and cost-effective computing power services for GameFi, NFT, and Privacy Computing.



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