Change width of Picker view in SwiftUI

Say we need to show two Picker views horizontally with specified width. We can simply set frame with width value 150 for each of the Picker as follows -

You will notice that setting frame on Picker didn’t work properly.

On our HStack, we had spacing value of 30, but the views overlap. As a result, the touch area overlaps (we can scroll through right side Picker values from within the area of left side Picker).

By using the .clipped() modifier to both Picker views, we can solve the visual overlap between the views.

We can see the views are within their specified width and there is a horizontal spacing between them. We can also expect that the scrolling issue is fixed as well. Let’s try again.

We can see the issue with touch overlap is still there.

To fix the issue, let’s add the following UIPickerView extension -

Under the hood, SwiftUI Picker view uses UIKit UIPickerView component. Here we override the intrinsicContentSize property and set width value to UIView.noIntrinsicMetric.

Let’s run the app again.

This time touch areas for two Picker views no longer overlap.

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Atikur Rahman

Atikur Rahman

Senior iOS Developer, Evangelist Apps Limited