Professional athletes show Tesla some love

This past week, two standout professional athletes, Marc Gasol and Ray Lewis, both took to Twitter to show their love for Tesla. First, USA Today reported on the NBA All-Star: “Grizzlies big man Marc Gasol [who] made the All-Star Game for the third time in his career, but he’s changing up how’ll he get to the game. Rather than accept a team-provided, 95-minute charter flight from Memphis to New Orleans, Gasol is going to drive to the game. In a Tesla.”

Above: NBA All-Star Marc Gasol loves his Tesla (Image: USA Today)

USA Today reported, “Now, Teslas are super awesome cars and are great for the environment… [but] Gasol will have to make stops in Pearl, Miss., and Slidell, La., to charge up before he makes it to New Orleans after nine hours. He must really love driving.” Indeed. And, Business Insider adds: “Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol arrived at the NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans in style… Teslas must be roomy if Gasol, who is 7-foot-1, is comfortable making the long trip in one.”

Above: Gasol explains that he’s “Headed to New Orleans, no gas needed” (Twitter: @MarcGasol)

And, a marquis NFL star also took to Twitter this past week with a video review of his Tesla driving experience along with the descriptor “Pure passion” in his post. Yes… he may have seen it all — 13 Pro Bowls, two Super Bowl rings, Super Bowl MVP — but, Ray Lewis, absolutely loves driving his Tesla. The Baltimore Ravens linebacker explains that his Tesla is: “just genius… when you drive a Tesla you feel like you want to just drive… it’s unlike anything else in the world… I will never buy another car… this car is the best thing I’ve ever driven in my life.” And that’s just a few quotes — check out the whole video below to see how Lewis really feels about his Tesla…

Above: Ray Lewis talks about his experience driving a Tesla (Twitter: @raylewis)

Lewis isn’t alone — many other NFL players also own a Tesla including New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, and Denver Broncos wide receiver Jordan Norwood. And, in the NBA, Tesla owners include two-time MVP Steve Nash, five-time All-Star Blake Griffin, Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordan Daniel Hayward, LaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trail Blazers, and superstar Steph Curry who was spotted in his Tesla Model X on his wife’s Instagram. And it’s not just football and basketball stars, BMX legend Mat Hoffman and skateboarding icon Tony Hawk own a Tesla Model S too.

Above: Ray Lewis sums up his Tesla experience as “Pure passion” (Twitter: @raylewis)

In any event, it’s great to see these pro athletes loving their Tesla ownership experience. We’re looking forward to seeing more sports stars trade in their gas-mobiles for the amazing all-electric experience inside a Tesla.


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