The revival of America’s creative industry

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There is this really cool company which does really cool visualizations

This set of charts kept my attention. The company looked at over 100,000 Kickstarter projects in the US and came up with some interesting data set.

  • NYC over indexes for film, theater, and dance.
  • LA over indexes for film in a big way.
  • SF over indexes for art, design, and tech.
  • Chicago over indexes for publishing and theater.
  • Seattle over indexes for music, publishing, design, and theater.

My first city was to look into Chicago my current city of living even deeper

The chart shows that Chicago is the city of theater after all. In comparison one category that’s more popular in NYC versus the rest of the US: dance — about 5% of its 11,429 are dance projects (nationally, dance represents 2% of all projects). So NYC is the city of dance. Shall we dance?

Chicago: Density of projects by type

Chicago is one of the cities that stands apart for something else too. See that the bubbles are in so many different colors? That’s because the city is rich with various creative arts. That’s not the case with for example Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Density of projects by type

When we look beyond New York and Los Angeles, so many smaller and medium-size cities have rich, emerging creative communities — they just fall outside the typical categories of music, film, theater.

Overall this warms my heart in an era when it is spoken of the demise of hobbies and their transformation into businesses. Of course we shall all benefit when any of thee projects would find business model around it and scale it further. But at the end of the day it is about the creativity for it’s own sake our ability to enjoy free time in doing something that doesn’t necessarily have to end in business or money.

Like Stephanie Buck said in her masterpiece

Our parents invented leisure. We killed it.

The large amount of free time is for example why the early Indian communities around the Gangetic plains excelled in their creative arts whether painting, decorations, textiles and philosophy.. Or even love making.

They had the time to stay still and observe the marvels around themselves breathe them inside completely.

America revolutionized wide scale manufacturing in the past century which is turning obsolete nowadays. Industry no longer seems to hold the key to our nation’s prosperity and happiness.

I am glad to see that America too is leading the new wave of small creative companies sprouting from leisure, frustration from observing the world from a desire to connect with like-minded and build small tribes which understand them. No, Kan is not where true creativity is celebrated, but rather in the homes of thousands American families.

I remain sure that America can do far better than McDonalds.

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