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Evedo Bites #11

Are you a free spirit? We’re drawn to free spirits because they’re the ones who provoke us. It’s just so easy to do our thing with all the events, the tickets, the blockchain, kindled by their fire.

To keep your energy high this week, we curated your steaming news and insights bundle that will prompt you to analyze the business but plan some lavish times as well. You deserve it!

Trendy Last Two Weeks

Formula 1 is exploring, as they put it, the world of cryptocurrency, and Spotify is exploring live events. Some of the most valuable music talents of our time are not exploring anymore, they are determined to start touring and won’t compromise this time around.

“Envision is an invitation; to dream, to connect, to learn, and inspire. Disconnected from modern civilization, we awaken the sense of belonging with the natural world around us. We learn to prioritize our health, passions, art, and love.”

The Utopian Jungle Experience

👉 Don’t say we didn’t warn you in advance! Secure your jungle spiritual trip early.

👉 In the meantime, join the Virtual Burning Man. Here’s your copy of the 365 Field Guide.

👉 Calling all yogis! The original mindfulness event Wanderlust spreads around the world live and virtually.

👉 If you’re a proud road trip junky, get involved in this 8 days creativity workshops festival.

The Business

Who would have thought that events will require so much engineer thought in 2021? And yet, here it is — the hi-tech event quantum leap.

Konduko Contactless Technology, Photo credit: www.virtualeventsnews.tv

Evedo Lately

Check out the interview we did about Evedo’s Biz Dev Head who also happens to be a master behind the decks!

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