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Evedo Bites #20

Anticipating your pumpkin pie slice of events and crypto updates? Expect nothing less than divine spices, mouthwatering golden crust, and tangy sprinkles of lemon zest. And that’s not all — we also added an artistic flavor to it.

Here’s what’s coming your way fresh from the oven this week!

Trendy Last Two Weeks

Quirky, liberating, or animated? Entertainment has a lot of faces and these recent three are hilarious!

“For two days only, Dec 13–14, Creator Conf will stream 30+ hyper-focused speeches, panels and live Q&A sessions with some of the most engaging and unique Creators, providing actionable strategies on how to scale your audiences and turn them into profitable full-time businesses.”

Creators Conf Organizers

👉 Streaming is your art? Then Creators Conf is definitely your must-go.

👉 The comics that change the world. Find out how Lakes Festival’s live drawings, workshops, and comic markets fight climate change.

👉 Close your eyes and pick a spot on the map! There’s an arts event waiting for you at that exact place.

The Business

Being noticeable and influential is a virtue. We find it useful to learn more about it from the overachievers in the field.

A Kohler in-person event, Photo credit: How Design Works

Evedo Lately

Evedo Talks #26 is out and our founders are now standing tall! Watch it to see what we mean and while you’re still online, why not pick a virtual event from Plentix’s selection?

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