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Evedo Bites #25

Celebrations are over but not the desire to live well. Now is the ultimate time to plant a seed and prepare for the next great event season.

Relax and enjoy your news pack because we’ve selected the supreme options for you.

Trendy Last Two Weeks

If you’re passing through Singapore this week, organize your schedule precisely, because there are loads of art events to visit. If you’re not there, don’t worry, Coachella and Bonnaroo are knocking on the door.

“Tours from the Rolling Stones, a reunited Los Bukis, Harry Styles, and the Hella Mega package tour of Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer, drove huge turnout from the summer into winter. Based on the end-of-2021 stats, Pollstar expects the top 100 tours of 2022 to sell around 65 million tickets, which would put them 12% above even the windfall year of 2019.”

August Brown, LA Times

(CNN) — After two years off, Bonnaroo will return this summer with headliners Stevie Nicks , J. Cole and Tool, among…

The Business

VR and crypto are so flexible that you can experience them literally everywhere — on small, on big screens, and on a journey.

Meghan Stallion is throwing a VR concert, Photo credit: Digital Music News

Evedo Lately

We recently announced our 2022 Roadmap, so check it out while it’s warm. For more insider information, look up Evedo CEO Stoyan Angelov's interview for Cointelegraph.

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